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What I learned from Dry January

I, like many people, enjoy a glass of wine of an evening. Whether weekend or weekday, I don’t discriminate, a glass of wine a few nights a week has always been my perfect way to relax after a stressful day. Or, the perfect way to bond and gossip with friends. Or discuss ideas with Ben. …

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Life Update

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: January Update

January is the longest month of the year. Maybe not quite literally, but considering it’s been a while since we were all paid (i.e. before Christmas), the whole “Blue Monday” thing, and having no more reason to have fairy lights littered throughout our homes, it’s easy to see why January is just the worst. However, …

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What I'm Watching on Television - my suggestions and recommendations via @BryJaimea
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What I’m Watching: January

The weather has been crazy lately! There’s been plenty of snow here in Glasgow which even included the office shutting early a couple of days last week! This was the view from our living room on Sunday just after we’d managed to drag ourselves out of bed – it’s a winter wonderland (as seen in …

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Decor Style

We’re moving! My decor wishlist

Two years ago I moved into a one bedroom flat in Paisley, perfect for my needs, just outside of Glasgow and a ten minute walk from one of my best friends.I wasn’t too familiar with the area, or Glasgow at all to be fair, and although the town was rough around the edges, I loved …

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