What I’m Watching: September

What I’m Watching: September

This month has been a relatively lazy month when it comes to the watching of TV and Netflix, as I’ve been much more online oriented: reading, networking, working on the blog, et al.

By the time I get home from work, I’m mentally exhausted these days – there’s been a lot of deadlines to meet prior to my trip to Berlin, which I fly out to this afternoon!



However, just because TV bingeing hasn’t been on the agenda, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been happening. However, rather than watching anything new and exciting that requires my attention, I’ve been revisiting old faithfuls that I know like the back of my hand.

So, what have I been watching in September?

Star Trek: TNG


I grew up on this programme, and have watched every single episode at least 5 times in my life. Funny story actually, as a child, every Friday night my father would take me to VideoEzy with him to borrow some VHS to get the family through the weekend. I would always pick out the latest ST:TNG video, because I knew just how much my parents loved it, and I was always that kind of person who supports people’s interests. Anyway, fast forward twenty odd years, and as I was relaying this fond memory to my parents, they gave each other a look and admitted to me they didn’t actually like ST:TNG, they only watched it because I loved it so much…

I still do.

Cougar Town


If you have never watched Cougar Town, what are you doing with your life? Sure, the name is offputting, and the first few episodes are a bit meh, but once the writers gave up the premise of the show being about a 40 year old dating 20 year olds, the show found its feet and became a funny, charming, relatable show about 40-something alcoholic neighbours and their lives.

Great British Bake Off


Ok, so we’re only a few episodes in but as I have the past few years, I watch this show religiously. Sure, it’s sad to see the departure of 75% of the original crew, but Noel Fielding is so charming and funny as one of the hosts, and contestants are just as warm and relatable as past years, that there’s no way the rebooted show won’t find its way into our hearts. To be honest, I’ve never actually been the biggest Noel Fielding fan, but GBBO is doing a good job of converting me. However, ol’ blue eyes is still a dick.

My Kitchen Rules: Australia

So, although this was shown in March/April this year, it’s being reshown now on SKY and so Ben and I are recording this to binge on the weekend. If you’ve never watched MKR, it’s your typical cooking competition with two contestants per team, battling to be the best. There’s two judges, a hunky French man, and a neurotic Oompa Loompa, but watching the infighting, the cattiness, and the classic banter (as well as the delicious food) makes this an enjoyable show to watch (unlike MasterChef Australia which is just utter shite these days tbh).

So, that’s what I’ve been watching – what about you?