What I’m Watching: January

What I’m Watching: January

The weather has been crazy lately! There’s been plenty of snow here in Glasgow which even included the office shutting early a couple of days last week! This was the view from our living room on Sunday just after we’d managed to drag ourselves out of bed – it’s a winter wonderland (as seen in my wee video below)!

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When the weather is not only cold, but covered in a thick veil of snow, curling up on the sofa watching TV is even more of a pleasure than usual, and the past week has seen me binging plenty of the good stuff!

Unfortunately, January is a bit of a dry month for TV which shows, even on Netflix, where most shows are still on hiatus for most of the month, and no new shows kicking into gear. That’s why this months What I’m Watching only has one newer show featured, an favourite show I’m rewatching for the millionth time (ok, maybe 12th?), and finally, a series which has left me completely bewildered by pretty much everything happening.

All chat aside, shall we get on with the, uh, show?

What I’m Watching

The Orville

If you loved Star Trek: The Next Generation and it’s disappearance from our screens has left a hole in your heart – watch The Orville. Yes, Seth McFarlane writes comedy, and yes this show is a comedy, however it also has so much of the heart and soul that made TNG special it’s impossible not to feel drawn into this universe.

The Orville pays tribute to TNG, and tackles real issues such as infidelity, gender dismorphia, and feminism with a tone befitting Star Trek. Yes, there’s plenty of comedy, but never at the expense of the more serious commentary underpinning the shows premise.

I know the critics have panned this show, and in fact most reviews online aren’t the friendliest. But if you love sci-fi, strong women (literally), and well written plots (with a twist of absurdist humour) then you’ll love The Orville.

30 Rock

I would say this is probably my 12th watching of 30 Rock. Is it problematic? Yes. Is it ridiculously outdated, but not as outdated as Sex and the City? Yes. Do I love it anyway? Yes.

With each rewatching of this show about a show, I find new moments to laugh at, jokes I never quite caught the first time. Despite knowing each episode back to front and upside down, I still find plenty of enjoyment in it and it’s one of the many shows I can easily watch again and again.

30 Rock is the perfect answer to Sex and the City – follow our protagonist as she manages a bunch of misfits and two egocentrics, her life, and her career, whilst living the not so glamorous life of a New York singleton. There’s no designer clothing here, and any drama that may occur is purely ridiculous.

There’s comedy, there’s music, and if you haven’t yet watched 30 Rock – it’s time to get to it.


The above pretty much summarises my feelings on this show…

Recommended to me by Netflix itself, I decided to give Suits a try because, well, why not? I’m starting to tire of Riverdale and figured this could be the new dramz in my life.

However, this show seems to be posing more questions than its answering and I’m only up to episode four. My questions are:

  • What the hell is HR doing? No way would a company employ or issue an employment contract prior to receipt of copies of educational certificates.
  • Why the hell does the paralegal girl have an office? No matter how good a paralegal you are, you don’t get an office. Who in HR approved this?
  • Maybe she has an office because she’s the secret daughter of the managing partner or that senior partner guy? If so, that’s nepotism right there, you fuckers. Time to call HR.
  • And hang on, she says she’s not a lawyer cause she doesn’t test well. I don’t know about the US, but in Australia and the UK to be a paralegal, you need to be qualified, i.e. have done lots of tests at university. Is this more nepotism? HR!
  • Also, wtf was she doing his induction? Inductions are the responsibility of HR, an office manager, or the legal secretary who would be supporting his team. Wtf HR?!
  • Is there even a HR department?
  • For a guy with an eidetic memory, he’s pretty damn dumb. Don’t know how to do something? Read the damn procedure. It’s a big company, it’ll have procedures for everything – go, read, follow, learn. Surely HR the paralegal went through the company’s policies and procedures during your induction.
  • Also, why does his behaviour flip flop so consistently? His behaviour makes no sense.
  • He also has zero personality. In fact, only one person has a personality and it’s a second rate Don Draper.
  • Why does no one have any personality apart from DD v2?
  • Why does everyone threaten everyone else with being fired every five minutes? How the hell do you run a company when everyone is being fired left right and centre?
  • Why does this show feel like it was written by a couple of frat boys who spend their writing sessions high-fiving?
  • Where the hell is HR?!
  • And finally: How is this show on its 7th season when Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 didn’t even make it to season 3?

I can’t even right now.

I just can’t even.

So, that’s what I’ve been watching this January – what about you? What have you been binge watching lately?

xx Bry Jaimea

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