Wanderlust Wishlist

Wanderlust Wishlist

Growing up in Australia, I never really had the chance to travel much as, well, Australia is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Overseas vacations are quite expensive and it take a lot of travel time just to get anywhere, so most Aussie’s don’t get to travel as much as they’d like to, unless they decide to invest in a sturdy backpack.

There’s no city breaks to Paris or Amsterdam for the weekend in Australia – it’s just not a logistical possibility. Hell, even a coast to coast flight is five hours! If we want a weekend away we tend to simply cross state borders and find ourselves in either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

All of that aside, I never really had the chance to travel when I lived in Australia as most of my work was contracting, meaning if I took time off I simply didn’t get paid – I could never justify the cost of a vacation and losing a week or so’s worth of wages.

I was 29 the first time I left Australia and this was because after 12 years in the work force I had finally secured a permanent position (this is what happens when you live between two cities). My first trip abroad was to Portland, Oregon, a city I’d go back to in a heartbeat.

I spent just over a week eating amazing food, drinking amazing wine, and exploring and at some point during that holiday I caught the travel bug.

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My next trip abroad was about 7 months later and was to the UK – I call this my reconnaissance mission as it was to figure out exactly where in the UK I’d want to live. It was a three week tour that took in Edinburgh, London and Cardiff, and by the time I got home I couldn’t wait to actually get my act together and move.

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In the September of that year, I did have a holiday planned to New Zealand (and another for Japan the following January), however the drive to move to the UK was so strong I cancelled that holiday, and started to plan my move as once living in the UK it’d be so much easier to travel to anywhere in Europe!

It just sucks that since moving to the UK I got stuck in a cycle of contracts again! So frustrating!

Thankfully though, I have finally secured myself an amazing job I am loving here in Glasgow, and so it’s time to start planning ahead and thinking about where I want to go and the places I want to see.

Ben and I have already spent some time this year in Paris, and are planning a trip to Berlin in September, but we’re also starting to discuss our travel wishlist for the next year or so.

So what are we planning? Where will we go to next?

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Copenhagen and Stockholm

These two cities are first on our wishlist, and where we will be spending some time in the lead up to Christmas (if all goes to plan)!

Christmas is my favourite time of year, it’s so blissfully magical and beautiful, and the thought of spending a week in Scandinavia, adventuring through Christmas markets, and the like, would be a fantasy come true.

The adventure will start in Copenhagen, before jumping on the train to Stockholm in the effort to take in these two gorgeous cities in one shortish (about 8 days) trip.

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Ben has already been to Japan, and as previously mentioned, I have tried to get there before but didn’t have the chance due to my international relocation.

Whether it’s my deep love for Japanese cuisine, cherry blossoms, or Hello Kitty, my desire to get to Japan is almost palatable palpable and we’re hoping to get there in the Spring next year.

We actually have some friends who are planning a wedding there next year so hopefully the two coincide!

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Despite being from a sun drenched country surrounded by amazing beaches, there’s something enticing about Spain that has me ready to pack my oversized sunglasses and bikini.

For this break, I imagine spending most of my days lounging on the beach, drinking cocktails, and being covered head to toe in SPF 50 (because skin care is important y’all), as well as taking in some of the culture, obviously!

Plus, tapas.

Can’t forget Tapas!

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New York

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want to visit New York, especially around Christmas time! My favourite TV shows I love to binge watched (SATC, Younger, 30 Rock) all take place in NYC, and if that wasn’t enough to inspire a holiday then shopping and food are also big inspirers of this travel destination.

This break will be at least two weeks long, as NYC is one of Ben’s favourite cities and he has so much to show me that along with my own to-do list, a week wouldn’t cut it!

Bring. It. On!

Are you planning any holidays? What’s your Wanderlust Wishlist?


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