The secret is out…

The secret is out…

A few months ago Ben and I sat down and had a very pleasant conversation. It also turned out to be a very expensive conversation. Essentially, next July (July 2019) Ben and I are getting married! We weren’t actually planning to tell anyone until after we got back from NYC in December, but decided to let the news out a wee bit early after realising people were already planning their Festival adventures for next summer. So, you know, we had to nip that in the bud. butt. What even is that saying!?

Anyway, and in addition to the above, I had to give my friends and family back home in Australia notice too because flying literally to the other side of the world ain't cheap.

So yes, in less than twelve months we’re having a wedding!
We’ve already booked the venue, chosen the colour scheme, chosen the wedding
party, and decided on the invite list. I mean, you can’t expect a Taurus to be
involved in planning a wedding and not have everything organised and planned
massively in advance, can you?

Things like shoes, dresses and kilts will be waiting until
next year before being ordered, but all the other bits and bobs, favours and bonbonniere,
can all be ordered and handmade over the next few months in preparation. There
will be some wedding related content on the blog, naturally, over the next
however many months, but hopefully not too much to the point you’re all bored

Our save the dates have already arrived and will be posted out over the weekend. I'm not going to share what they look like yet, but I will soon enough.

So, our colour scheme is lilac, which I’ll be pairing with a French grey. I know you must be surprised that I didn’t go for pink, however, the venue we’ve booked, well, pink wouldn’t work, so we’ve chosen lilac instead. Plus, purple is Ben’s favourite colour! And it also opens itself up to lots of lavender flavoured treats throughout the day.

So yeah, the secret is out! Unless you follow me on Twitter and already knew, of course... And it's why I've been a bit distracted from the blog over the past month or so as I start pulling together Pinterest boards and the like - you know, the important things. Anyway, I look forward to sharing with you all the planning over the next few months and taking you on this organisational journey with me.

xx Bry Jaimea


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