[REVIEW] Anatomicals Face Mask Envelope

[REVIEW] Anatomicals Face Mask Envelope

No, this isn’t a prank! It’s #SkincareSunday, so grab a slice of sourdough with some smashed avocado, pop on a relaxing clay mask, and let’s dive straight in to this weeks feature!

Following on from last weeks exploration of affordable skincare, I decided to test out another affordable brand by way of Anatomicals Face Mask Envelope. I had seen these brightly packaged facial delights on ASOS, and decided I needed them straight away.

£3.50 will get you three individual masks, all offering a bevy of benefits from calming, to brightening, to toning. Now, these benefits are pretty stock standard for masks, and they do have other masks available, but I was attracted to the algae calming mask particularly as I am fond of strange ingredients in skincare.

Anatomicals Face Mask

Seriously – I have tried snail mucus this, synthetic snake venom that, black pearl something else. If it has some weird ingredient, I am all over it, or more precisely, it is all over me.

Anyway, I was super excited to try out these masks, and considering they were so affordable I figured there wasn’t much to lose! After all, if Primark can leave my skin feeling lush, surely a dedicated skincare brand could only be better?

No. Not at all.

Anatomicals Face Mask Envelope

I Feel The Need, The Need For Seaweed Calming Algae Face Mask

The promise:

Anatomicals I Feel The Need The Need For Seaweed Calming Face Mask has a blend of detoxifying muds, calming algae and nourishing mineral extracts to care for your skin. Purifying Green Clay and Kaolin help to absorb excess oil and clarify the skin while Algae Extract conditions, softens and dextoxifies the skin, improving its texture and leaving it feeling smooth, refreshed and youthful looking.

This was the first mask I tried as I was so excited by the thought of it! My skin was already bright and glowing last Sunday when I was prepping to try this mask, however after a week of bad food and finally recovering from a cold, I figured the calming mask would be a perfect preventative just in case.

The colour was a beautiful turquoise shade, and it spread easily and evenly over my skin. After a minute or two, as I was making a cup of tea, I felt my skin start to tingle which is typical for deep cleaning masks, but not for a calming mask…

A minute later and I had to wash the mask off completely as the tingling had turned into a burning, itchy sensation, and my skin had developed a reddish glow. An hour later, after a thorough cleansing and applying a soothing balm, my skin still felt quite raw and sensitive and continued to do so for the rest of the day.

Needless to say I wouldn’t recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin, and I was quite reluctant to try the other…

Anatomicals Face Mask

Makes Your Skin Brighter Strawberry and Yarrow Face Mask

The promise:

Anatomicals Makes Your Skin Brighter Strawberry and Yarrow Face Mask has exfoliating Salicylic Acid, which clears away dead skin cells and cuts through oil to help unclog pores. Strawberry and Rosemary Extract help to remove impurities and clear skin, while Yarrow clarifies to brighten your complextion.

Despite my less than stellar thoughts on the algae calming mask, I figured I would try the strawberry and yarrow brightening mask. After all, maybe it was simply the active ingredients of the algae that had caused irritation? Right?


Firstly, and straight to the point, the brightening Strawberry and Yarrow mask smells like yoghurt that’s been left out a wee bit too long. No big deal right? So, I spread that funky smelling goop onto my face anyway…

And removed it within minutes.

The same irritation- tingling, burning, itchy skin – occurred again so I swiftly removed It to reveal bright red skin beneath. Another slathering of Egyptian Magic onto the skin was needed.

The Toning Cucumber Face Mask Lettuce Give Thanks For It

The promise:

Anatomicals The Toning Cucumber Face Mask Lettuce Give Thanks For It is packed with nourishing ingredients to soothe and hydrate skin without exacerbating any oiliness. Hydrating Cucumber Extract soothes and cools the kin, toning it while working to reduce any inflammation or puffiness and helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines. Purifying Green Clay and Kaolin help to absorb excess oil and clarify the skin.

I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t try this mask. After the burning irritation the previous two masks caused, there was no way I was letting this one anywhere near my skin.

I use a lot of different products on my face, from natural products right through to healthy acids and I rarely, if ever, have such a bad reaction as I did to these masks.

Masks can tingle, can create a fresh and rejuvenating experience for the skin, but they should never cause redness, itching or a burning sensation.

If at any point during your skincare routine, or when trialling a new product, if you feel any discomfort remove the product straight away and apply the gentlest balm or cream you have to your skin to help it recover. Our skin is more important than any product, and not all skincare works for everyone.

Have you tried any products by Anatomicals? What did you think?

xx Bry Jaimea