[REVIEW] Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant

[REVIEW] Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant

Tuesdays are quite possibly my most disliked day of the week. You’re no longer refreshed from the weekend just past, and the next weekend is still far too many sleeps away.

That’s why on Tuesday just past, Lis and I decided to catch up for dinner, because if you have to work on a Tuesday, you may as well treat yourself! Both working in Glasgow, a dinner in town was the perfect idea, and the decision to visit Alla Turca on Pitt Street was made.

Unfortunately for my wallet, this meant I had to pass Primark on Sauchiehall Street on the way – if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you will have seen my very pink haul! In fact, if you like watching hauls and unboxings, you should keep an eye on my InstaStories as there’s always something being unboxed, unwrapped, or generally coveted.

Anyway, after my mini shopping spree, I made my way to Alla Turca, a blink and you’ll miss is Turkish Restaurant, draped in fairy lights. If you’ve ever been to Glasgow, you’ll know the whole city loves fairy lights!

Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant Glasgow

Now, Turkish food and I have a very loving, and deep relationship. I was raised eating a lot of Turkish food, and it’s one of my favourite foods to cook. Remember my love for the Turkish Markets in Berlin? Yeah, my love of all foods Turkish is not a revelation!

Digression aside, after booking a deal on 5pm.co.uk for a 2 course meal for £9.95 each (it’s mid-month, so purse strings are starting to be eyed conspiratorially), we ordered from the set menu. Despite having limited options, as set menus are prone to do, I still found it difficult to decide what to order.

Surely I could just have a tasting menu of everything?

Tempted by the stuffed Aubergine which I unfortunately have an intolerance to, I ended up ordering the Chicken Skewers with Spicy Yoghurt as my starter, and the Adana Style Kofte Shish with Bulgur Rice and Cacik for my main. Lis ordered Sesame Falafel, and Barbequed Chicken Shish with Rice, so between the two of us there was plenty of variety on the table.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Tabbouleh? My tabbouleh recipe is honestly second to none. There was no tabbouleh on the menu, which I was a tad disappointed about, but it is a fussy salad to make, so hey ho.

Surrounded by fairy lights and looked after by the friendly attendant, it was so lovely to be able to relax, and unwind in such colourful company. I’ve been feeling very disheartened about Glasgow recently, but this dinner went a good way towards warming my heart once more towards the city I call home.

Yes yes, I hear you say, the ambience was lovely, the company was likewise lovely, but how was the food? Enough with the detours already!

Prior to our meals coming out, we were treated to a platter of marinated olives, flatbreads, and hummus. The olives were delicious, the flatbread perfectly warm and crisp, and the hummus what I have learned to expect in the UK (i.e. not traditional, and with a very mild flavour).

My chicken skewers were perfectly cooked, deliciously golden, and crispy on the outside with moist tender flesh in the middle. Unfortunately, the spiced yoghurt was one dimensional and could have added a splash of lemon juice to really jazz it up. I ended up preferring the leftover hummus from the aforementioned platter, slathering it generously over my golden chicken.

The Lamb kofte was delicious, and likewise faultlessly cooked. The chef here really knows how to prepare meat! It was well seasoned and spiced, which is essential for a proper kofte, and the cacik had the perfect amount of zest and zing. I wasn’t too fond of the bulgar rice, and found it a bit too gluggy for my preference, and I didn’t feel the spiced rice complimented the rest of the dish, but that’s just my opinion.

Although tempted by dessert, Lis’ blessed will power (she’s off sugar for the month) held me back (I can’t eat sweets in front of someone who is off the sweets – that’s just cruel!), and we spent the next hour gossiping, chatting, conniving, and planning away as wine (for me) was sipped, and Turkish coffee (Lis) was delighted in.

And of course, because we’re both bloggers, plenty of photos were taken, as you can see – two photos above, the Chicken Shish, and the Turkish Coffee are both Lis’ photography work, by the way! Why not go follow her over on Instagram, whilst you’re at it…

All in all, Alla Turca is a charming venue, small, warm and inviting, with a menu that is everything you could want from a Turkish restaurant, and a chef who clearly knows what they’re doing (with a couple of exceptions, of course).

Was it the best Turkish food I’ve ever eaten? No. But that’s because I cook the best Turkish food I’ve ever eaten (though, the Turkish place on the top floor of the Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney makes a Gozleme that surpasses even my own).

However, I will definitely be back because at the end of the day, it is delicious and well worth the visit. In fact, I’d love to visit on a busier night as I feel the intimate venue would have an even better atmosphere on a Friday or Saturday eve, when every table is full, and with every conversation rising on the air with every aroma which emanates from the kitchen.

So, if you’re in Glasgow looking for some great Turkish cuisine? Well, you now know where to go!

xx Bry Jaimea