How not to lose your shit when moving

How not to lose your shit when moving

How not to lose your shit when moving Pinterest via @BryJaimea #moving #lifehack #tip #hack #move #homerelocation #stressfreePlease note, I say “shit” a lot in this post #sorrynotsorry.

So, I just moved from one side of Glasgow to the other, a day I affectionately refer to as M-Day. We’re in a bigger flat, with a yard, and there is so much natural lighting that our my blog photography is going to be getting so much better - just a  shame about my crappy iPhone camera!


As you all know, I have moved a lot in my life. I'm a bit of a pro at the old hey ho, and have turned moving into a fine art, enjoyed best with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Now, given my expertise at moving, I want to say my careful planning and ingrained organisational ability meant everything went smoothly with this one, but life’s not like that, and nothing went smoothly.

And, as you all know I’m a bit of a control freak which is why I’m so good at getting shit done. I had this move perfectly coordinated, had everything booked in advance, furniture ready to arrive on the day we started moving, because that's what I do.

The one problem with being a control freak? You have zero control over external factors.

And that’s what went wrong on the day of our move – external factors over which I had no control.

You know how some people get really angry when they’re stressed? I just grow very quiet, withdraw into myself, and when the smallest thing that can go wrong does go wrong, I burst into a puddle of tears.

Thankfully it takes a lot to stress me out, you know, something like moving.

And on M-Day, I hit my stress tolerance level.

By 11am I was curled up in a ball, leaning against a defunct fireplace, losing my shit, crying over my laptop, wiping tears from my keyboard as I furiously tried to cheer myself up by looking at stuff I can’t afford to buy right now (because I just moved…) from ASOS.

However, by 5pm everything was sorted. Everything was as it should be, and all was right once again in my tightly controlled personal world. Hooray!

So, how exactly did I regain control over my stress and manage the external factors that threatened the sanity of my move? Well…

How not to lose your shit when moving

We weren’t going to have a mattress

I ordered a mattress from on 24 January and selected the shipping date of 9 February, the day of the move. This meant that had plenty of time to get their shit together and get that mattress shipped, and I could rest assured I’d be sleeping sweet by the end of the day.

On the day of the move I saw that the mattress had been shipped via Yodel.

Fucking Yodel.

I immediately knew that shit was about to go down, because if you shop online and have had to deal with Yodel then you’ll know nothing is ever easy when Yodel is involved.

Yodel is shit.

As expected, when I checked the online tracking I noted that although the mattress was at the Yodel depot, it hadn’t been lifted by the courier which essentially meant I wasn’t going to get it that day. Now, you can’t call Yodel to find out what the hell is going on, and their online chat service is almost impossible connect to. When I did manage to connect through to the chat, and after reminding them they were contracted to deliver the mattress that day and they would be in breach of contract if it wasn’t delivered, they guaranteed me it would be delivered that day.

I also called the customer service desk where they too assured me after a quick chat to Yodel that I’d have my mattress by 9pm that evening.

However, an hour later proved that statement wrong when it still hadn’t been lifted by a courier, and was still at the depot. It took me another hour before I was back on the chat with Yodel.

“Sorry, you won’t be receiving it today as it was sent to the wrong depot. Lol.”

You have to be shitting me…

It was at this point I started crying.

Turns out Yodel had sent the mattress to the wrong depot for delivery and thus had to transfer it to the Glasgow depot which would take 24 hours. The depot it had been wrongly sent to? A depot literally only 26 miles away. A 40 minute drive. They were telling me I had to wait another 24 hours for a mattress that was a 40 minute drive away…

After explaining the close proximity of that depot to my home, they refused to budge. Yodel weren’t going to help me, nor was the telephone customer service team.

I was in tears and had exhausted the two avenues available to me (according to the online resources in relation to the sale) in order to ensure my mattress, and thus a place to sleep that night that wasn’t a floor, was delivered that day.

However, I realised there was an option I hadn’t yet tried:

I @’ed

It didn’t take them long to reply at all, and after a quick DM explaining the situation, the UHMAZING Laura from their head office contacted me and this girl, honestly, if I could send her flowers I would. She stayed late on a Friday, longer than her shift, to ensure I got that damned mattress.

And at 4:30pm I got that damned mattress.

Sure I had to move it up the stairs by myself, during which I hurt my back because I’m 5ft2 moving a king sized mattress by myself, but hey ho, you win some and you lose some, and you get a shitting bloody mattress in the shitting bloody process.

Now, although the above is only one story of disaster from M-Day (trust me, there were many), it’s the best example to make my point.

See, when shit hits the fan, you have to use whatever means you have to clean up the mess or you’ll have shit everywhere  - you may not have any paper towels to hand, but you do have those Egyptian cotton bath sheets that will clean up the mess just as well, so use them.

Then use a really hot wash on your washing machine, because eew.

Anyway, moving is bloody stressful, and it’s easy to let that stress overwhelm you in the moment. However, there is always more than one solution to a problem, more than one way to make sure you are getting what you want and need and have paid for.

Don’t be scared to call, chat, tweet, or Facebook message organisations in order to ensure your carefully laid plans come to fruition – these organisations have teams in place to help you, so let them help you!

And again, Laura, you are bloody fantastic! xx

xx Bry Jaimea

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