Managing the move: Today’s the day!

Managing the move: Today’s the day!

Today is the day lovelies! We're moving!

After several weeks of planning and packing we’re finally picking up the keys to our new flat after work this evening.

Now, this does mean you don’t get any real content today, but simply a light hearted update instead because well, organising a move is never an “easy” task. This will be the 6th home I’ve had since moving to the UK (I moved three times in 11 months when living in London) and thankfully it’ll be the last move for a very long. I do have this moving thing down to a fine art, though:

  • Clothing in garbage bags.
  • Pots, pans, crockery, and small appliances into their original boxes.
  • Tackle one room at a time.
  • Don’t even attempt to clean until everything is out.

Packing for a move isn’t the hardest part of a move, to be honest. It’s easy if you’re organised and I am the queen of organisation. The hardest part for me is saying good bye to the space – whether the memories are good or bad, there’ll be recollections that will start flooding back and you will get a little emotional.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Change Management

The best part of moving though is the very clear signal it sends to the universe that you are ready for change.

Bring. It. On.

I’ve been in my small Glasgow flat for two years now, and those two years haven’t been easy at all for me physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s definitely been the hardest two years of my life, even more difficult that the London Year where I was made redundant, had insane and violent housemates, and developed my wrinkle.

But with this move I expect things to change, things to get better.

There are calls, or “exciting emails” as us bloggers refer to them, that I am currently waiting on and I know those calls will bring with them the positive change I am not only craving, but needing.

I am putting a lot of pressure on the universe with this move!

A new home is also a new chance to bring some healthier routines back to my life. I’ve mentioned previously my weight gain since moving to Scotland (around 30kg on a 5ft2 frame, eep!) and where I have been living hasn’t lent itself to a healthier lifestyle.

Going forward though, and commencing Friday, I will be making healthier choices. In fact, these have already started being implemented – I am so sick of stodgy and “hearty” food and am back to eating salads as much as possible.

Also, the new flat has a lot more space and natural light meaning more photography for the blog and a vlog. Yes, I’ll be venturing into YouTube territory! (Subscribe now so you don't miss the launch, whenever that may be! There'll even be a give away... maybe...)

Stress Management

One other huge benefit of the move is for Maia who will have a much larger space to dominate. She’s been raised an indoor cat, but as we will have an enclosed yard there’s going to be the opportunity to allow her to explore the great outdoors (supervised). There’s a chance she won’t enjoy being outside as she’s more of an emotional that physical kitty, but maybe she’s ready for change too?

Also, the new flat has stairs and Maia loves stairs. Ben and I are already prepared for the ruckus she’ll be causing every day, night, morning and evening as she races up and down them.

A few people have actually been asking how she is coping with the preparation for the relocation. Cats (like most pets) love and need their routine and like things to be a certain way. With Ben and I both acting differently, and things being packed away left right and centre, Maia has been a little stressed but we’re trying our best to comfort her.

There was one night earlier this week when she thought she was no longer allowed on the bed, for example, and this is one kitty who spends as much time on the bed as humanly (felinely?) possible. I had to crawled out of bed in the middle of a cold wintery night, pick her up, plop her into her usual spot, where she settled down nicely.

Maia will actually be coming with me in the first trip for the move, to let her settle into the new space before the furniture, boxes and bags all arrive. This way she won’t see us removing everything from our current flat, and think herself left behind. We’d never leave her behind.

Stuff Management

For the move itself we’ve hired a small Van which will easily fit all our belongings. The aim is to move everything over in the one trip, however if it takes two trips, c’est la vie! It’s only a half hour drive between locations and as long as we avoid that dreaded peak hour traffic it’ll be a smooth trip.

Then, once everything has been moved across, the real fun starts with the unpacking and the organising and the decorating!

And we all know I love to decorate.

All of the art, decor and furniture has been chosen for the new space now, and over the next few months we’ll be ordering things in order of necessity. A new rug is needed, but a new desk is more important.

All in all, I have been very stressed over the past few weeks, but now that it’s here I am feeling pretty damn calm and relaxed.

Good things come to those who wait, they say, and although I have moved so many times over the past few years, this is a move I have very much been waiting for. So bring on the goodness, please universe!

I’ll be waiting by our shiny new door to welcome it in.

xx Bry Jaimea

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