Meat4Beer: An evening of fabulous food & amazing ale!

Meat4Beer: An evening of fabulous food & amazing ale!

Last week, I was invited by Scotch Kitchen to join a very special evening they had prepared: a 6 course tasting menu created by Justin Maule of Wild Fig, with each dish perfectly paired Scottish craft beers by Jamie Delap of Fyne Ales supporting their Meat4Beer campaign.

Who could say no to an invitation like that?

Definitely not me, given my affection for delicious food and craft brews.

The event was hosted at Studio93, a gorgeous venue tucked away within Glasgow’s west end. The cobbled path leading to showroom was bespeckled with fairylights, and a small stream of smoke twisted its way into the dark autumnal night welcoming us to the evening ahead.

Once inside, we were warmly welcomed by our hosts and were handed our first ale of the eve (and my favourite of the night) a gluten-free Bohemian Pilsner by Bellfield Brewery.

After chatting to some experts in the Scottish produce industry, we were ushered to our seats to meet the taste-master minds behind the evening Justin and Jamie.

Clearly passionate about their respective subjects, Justin and Jamie discussed the inspiration behind each course and its accompanying ale.

The Meat

The menu was a mixture of Mediterranean, traditional Scottish, and Asian influences. Justin was clearly a man who knew not only his flavours but each and every cut of meat used within his recipes.

Each and every dish was a perfectly crafted labour of love utilising fresh, local and seasonal produce as well as Scotch beef, Scotch lamb and specially selected pork. My favourite dish of the evening was easily the incredibly spicy beef Pho though the lamb Keema was a close second.

The Brews

The beers, ales and IPA’s that accompanied each dish were amazing – each fragrant brew played the perfect complement (and compliment!) to the dish they had been paired with. With each dish we were served a small sample of each carefully curated ale, however there was still plenty made available should we decide to top up.

Needless to say, by the end of the evening there were many tipsy giggles being shared!


But the whole point of the evening wasn’t to just eat great food and drink amazing brews, but to celebrate the launch of the Scotch Kitchen #Meat4Brew campaign, a joint initiative by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), The Brewers Association of Scotland (TBAS) and Scotland Food & Drink, which in turn celebrates Scotland’s local produce.

Just as I support local music and artists, I think it’s incredible important to support local farmers and small businesses. This campaign speaks to me in the fact that is encouraging us to get out there, to enjoy all the beautiful produce this wee country has to offer and support our local farmers and brewers. After all, we need to support our own!

At the end of the evening we were gifted with a cookbook that really highlights everything there is to love about Scotch beef and lamb and I am looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and cooking up a storm…

Pairing it with a specially selected Scottish brew, of course!

xx Bry Jaimea