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Little Ways to Hygge Your Home

If you haven’t already noticed the nights drawing in and the hints of chill upon the wind, then you would surely have noticed words like “cosy”, “Hygge” and “pumpkin spice” popping up here and there on your news or Twitter feed.

That’s right, Autumn is surely upon us and before we know it we’re going to be within the depths of winter.

As the leaves turn and fall, and verdurous landscapes become naught but a memory, now is the time to prepare for winter, to nourish our souls against the cold and the stark.

Now is the time for hygge.


For those not in the know, Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) is a Danish concept which loosely translates into comfort, companionship, and cosiness.

If you think cable knit socks, oversized sweaters and hot cocoa, or perhaps boardgames with friends over glasses of mulled wine, or maybe even reading your favourite book by the fire, as street lights sparkle behind a veil of lightly falling snow, then you’re thinking hygge.

However, hygge isn’t just for books and socks, it’s also for our homes. After all, it’s hard to think about cosiness if we’ve still the last vestiges of summer decorating our homes, right? Right!

Hygge your Home

Loving design and decor as much as I do, it’d come as little surprise that I’ve been looking online for ways to Hygge my home over the past few weeks. However, it took a recent adventure to the BoConcept furniture stores in Glasgow, to find my inspiration, and given they’re one of Denmark’s largest design and decor retailers, what better inspiration for Hygge?

So, working with BoConcept, here’s a few suggestions on how to bring more hygge to your home.

Cosy Candles


There is something to be said for the warm, flickering light candles provide to a room, and utilising scented tealight candles creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to a multitude of senses. In fact, aromatherapy is known to improve mood and evoke strong memories – and you don’t need a diffuser to bring scent to a room.

The Faux Throw

Is there any greater pleasure than the soft, luscious fibres of a faux fur rug beneath your feet after a long day? Come winter when timber, tiled, or vinyl flooring becomes cold and uncomfortable, the welcoming warmth of a rug can bring both comfort and cosiness to your life, and keep that unforgiving weather that little bit further from your mind. Plus, what’s better than laying on lush faux fur and reading a book in front of a heater, radiator, or fireplace? All from a safe distance of course!

Comfy Cushions

If you’re a tactile person, like myself, then like me you’ll find pleasure in different textures, and will understand that different fabrics have different sensations against the skin – some cool, some calm, some comfy. Cosying up with cushions made from velvets is a great way to bring hygge to your home, and who hasn’t curled up beneath a pile of cushions in the midst of winter!

At the end of the day, hygge is a feeling, a sensation, a consciousness, and it’s the best way to survive the colder months of the year, without catching the blues. And I’m sure you’ll agree – nothing is easier than bringing Hygge to both your home, hearth and heart.











  • Amy

    I love all things Scandinavian and have been a big fan of all the above for many years. I haven’t read the Hygge book but my home is filled with candles, throws, cushions and I love nothing more than putting the log burner on at this time of year. It’s just so cosy! And being cosy at home is my favourite thing. The only downside is overheating in your onsie, although that’s an occupational hazard.

    Amy –

    • I still have the Australian aesthetic stuck in my head, but slowly and surely I’m learning to hygge! It’s hard living in the UK and not wanting to be cosy 😂

  • How i long for colder days an nights! (i live in Greece and the weather it’s still very warm). I love the Hygge concept, candles, hot chocolate and cozy corners in my bedroom is how i feel it!

    • I’m from Australia so I understand completely! I live in Scotland now though and Hygge is honestly one of my favourite things xx