Keeping your spirits up, when your body is down

Keeping your spirits up, when your body is down

Asthma, hayfever, random stomach bugs – I seem to have had it all over the past few weeks and I feel as though I am a mere husk of myself. Although I typically have a rather strong constitution, because my immune system is currently compromised due to my asthma and hayfever (thanks a lot summer!), I seem to be catching every bug that pokes its gnarly little head in my general direction.

I am tired, fatigued, and this blog is suffering because of it as I simply can’t remember to take photos of the food I cooked over the weekend when I’m not feeling at the top of my game. Seriously, I cooked some amazing food over the weekend that I wish I could have shared over the next couple of weeks, alas, the lurgy kept me completely distracted.

Anyhoo, just because I haven’t been feeling my best doesn’t mean I am just laying down and allowing myself to take a battering – not at all! I am being proactive in ensuring that my spirits are kept high no matter how low I feel (even if I do forget to take blog photos!)

Although my body may be going through hell, it doesn’t mean my spirit has to be right? Right! Whenever I am unwell I do my best to keep my mind in a positive place as I believe that the very act of remaining positive gives my immune system the strength and encouragement to do what it does best and get on with it!

Sure, I’m taking my supplements, drinking my green tea, and getting an early night, but those are all for my body. What follows below is how to keep your spirit up when you’re feeling down, because sometimes all a girl needs to feel better is a new pair of shoes, right? Right!

So, what do I do when I’m over feeling under the weather?

Buy Something Nice

In the words of Donna: Treat Yo Self. When you’re under the weather, buy yourself a wee treat – whether it’s a pair of shoes, a new bag, or some homewares. By treating yourself you’re making sure that there’s still some joy in your life, smiling in the face of germs and bugs everywhere, and actively bringing positivity into your life.

This time around, I bought these gorgeous trinket trays and candle from Typo:


Wear something pretty

You may feel like hell, but that doesn’t mean you look it! By wearing bright statement earrings, painting your toe nails, or donning your favourite dress, you’re going to look amazing, no matter how bad you feel, and will give you that added bit of confidence to smile in the face of any bugs that may be bother you.

What do you think of these amazing yellow bon-bon earrings I found on Etsy? You can’t even tell I’m sick! (ok, it’s fairly obvious I’m sick). These earrings, I must admit, were a purchase inspired by one of my favourite blogs: Coming Up Roses


Be encouraged, enticed, or embraced by a book

Reading a book will encourage your imagination, entice your intellect, or help you embrace yourself,  all of which can help improve your mood when you’re not feeling the best. Whether you pick up and old book or new, read something in depth or light hearted, it’s an amazing way to keep your mind and spirit active.

how to be a hepburn in a kardashian world

Pamper yourself

It’s important to relax when you’re unwell to give your body the strength and time it needs in order to repair itself. By pampering yourself you’re giving yourself time to relax and permission to let go of any external factors that may be bothering you and making you feel any worse. Whether it’s a long soak in a bath, wearing your spa-socks during the day, or simply donning a facemask, these simple pampering pleasures will be sure to boost your mood.

I found these spa-socks in Marks and Spencer and they have been like a glorious foot hug every night as I fall asleep.

Eat something delicious

Now, this doesn’t mean comfort food in the form of pizza – this is more treating yourself to something indulgent and delicious that you wouldn’t usually eat, some as a rich, creamy pasta dish, or an amazing salad Again, this is about making you feel better, putting a smile on your face and giving you that mental and spiritual lift.

Ok, so Prosecco probably isn’t best when you’re not well, and I only had half a glass, but it did make me smile, so it’s not all bad!


And finally…

Go to bed early

So many people see sleep as a chore, but by going to bed a little bit earlier than usual, you’re actually giving your body a better chance at fighting off any illness. You’ll also wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! Remember, sleep isn’t just about your body getting some rest, but your mind and spirit too, and this list is about the mind and spirit so I think getting an extra hour or two sleep is more than worthy of being on this list.

So, how do you help yourself stay positive when sick? What are your routines and ritual to ensure you stay perked up when feeling under the weather?