What I’m watching: November

What I’m watching: November

Yes, it’s that time of the month already – time for a recap on what I’m watching!

If you’re a regular here, you’ll  know I’m terribly addicted to Netflix TV given I have a 45 minute attention span. However, if you’re new to my site well, each month I share what I have watched with you, and in the comments you let me know what your current addiction is!

Later October and November saw some of my favourite shows back on our screens such as the delightful (yet very emotionally intense this season) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and the so-bad-it’s-good Riverdale.

Unfortunately though, I haven’t found any new new shows to watch. So, I hit up my list of shows I have meant to watch, but always tend to forget to watch. Well, as it turns out that was a massive mistake because the three shows I have watched this month are damn good.

Oh! Before we get onto the list, I actually went to the cinema this month to see Thor: Ragnarok! I managed to sit through the entire movie without looking at my phone once. I am so proud of myself, so imma gonna celebrate:

What I

Ok, now, onto:

What I’m Watching

The Crown

What I

Being an Australian and a Millennial, I don’t really know much about the monarchy, and definitely none of the scandals that plagued the family prior to the 90’s. In fact all I really know is that fact that QE2 is a Taurus, and yay #TeamTaurus!

Despite living here in the UK, I still don’t particularly know or care much for the monarchy. However having heard nothing but positive reviews for The Crown decided to give it a go.

Also, my absolute fave Olivia Colman has been cast in S3 and so I figured I needed to get my act together, and get this show into my life.

Ok, so the show itself is actually incredibly entertaining in a mild, non-threatening way. These are the conversations that may have happened behind the gates of palace, the closest we can come to having a voyeuristic insight into the world of the monarchy and British government. Because let’s be honest – watching this show is a bit voyeuristic, even if it’s not the actual monarchy, but an interpretation of.

Each scene is skillfully crafted with beautiful costuming and set design, and the show runners don’t hold back with their characterisations. Not one character is perfect in their decisions and actions, and it makes an untouchable force of British culture that bit more personable and real.



What I

Police procedurals to me are one of those “take em or leave em” type of shows, that are good enough to have in the background whilst I work on other things, but not something I typically “get into”.

However, introduce a zombie plague and I’m all over it.

iZombie is comic book adaption about a woman reclaiming her, uh, life, after being turned into a zombie. She has a job, friends, and “psychic” visions.

Yes, this is a police procedural with supernatural elements and a sense of humour and is one of the easiest binges I have had for a long time, accidentally staying up til 2am* on a Friday night to watch just one more episode. There’s conspiracies, dodgy police officers, a little bit of gore, but well written characters you find yourself rooting for despite the fact brains. What’s not to love?

*2am on any night for me is hella late. I used to be an insomniac and stay up all night, but now I have learned the secrets of sleep, my body is still playing catch up and I’m typically in bed by 10pm every eve.

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

What I


I have been meaning to watch this show for years but unless I bought the boxset that was never going to happen. However, upon seeing it up on Netflix during my “what the hell am I going to watch now?” moments, I put it on and binged both seasons within the space of a few days.

Krysten Ritter is perfection as the zany, alcoholic, overly confident, sexually adventurous It Girl Chloe whose bestie just happens to be James van der Beek playing… himself. Yes, there are other characters, yes there is character development, yes there are crazy shenanigans and plots, but every moment Chloe is on the screen is a pure delight.

The fact that this show only had two seasons is blasphemy and just goes to show that bad decisions are made on a daily basis by people who shouldn’t have the power to make those decisions.

Shame on you ABC. Shame on you!

So, what are you watching at the moment? Do you have any recommendations?

xx Bry Jaimea