How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

Every single day in the office, at least once, the following conversation will take place:
“How the hell do you walk in those heels?”
To which I respond, with my trademarked (not really) smile:
I then, of course, give the person a short instruction on how to walk in heels because you can’t be arrogant all the time, y’know?

Now, I’ve been wearing heels properly since I was 14 years old and can still remember vividly the whole experience behind my first b’heeled purchase.


I had saved up some pocket money and was ready to buy a pair of shoes (that weren’t doc martens – it was the 90’s y’all) that I simply I knew would make my life complete. The shoes were black leather slip-ons with a block heel, and although there was a similar pair, which was far more fashionable with a higher heel, my mother had approved my purchase with on simple rule:

No heels taller than my index finger.

For the record, my index finger is shorter than the length of a credit card. I’m 5’2 so small hands and feet are a very real thing in my life.

Anyway, I loved these shoes and wore them as often as possible, and slowly but surely I started to gravitate away from my doc martens, and further towards the glamorous heels that the 90’s were providing.

Thank you, Spice Girls.


By the age of 16, my mother’s finger rule had gone out the window as I was now working a part time job and could spend my money however I chose – i.e., on shoes.

I was finally able to buy whatever heels I wanted, which involved many pairs of boots and my first pair of eccentric heels: a pair of black wedges, with a hot pink snakeskin upper.

I loved them.


Throughout the years, I’ve never had an issue wearing heels nor walking in them – there’s no calluses, no bunions on my feet, and it’s incredibly rare I ever have an ache or a pain. Sure, I may have grown up doing ballet and ballroom, but I can honestly say that doesn’t hold too much* bearing on my ability to wear and walk in heels comfortably.

*see below

I honestly believe that anyone can wear and walk in heels comfortably, as long as they follow a few simple guidelines. No matter how clumsy, ungraceful, or awkward you are (despite my dancing, I am hella awkward and clumsy) if you use the following tips and tricks, you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time!

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How to Walk in Heels

Wear the shoe that fits


It’s tempting to buy shoes a little bit on the large size for the sake of “comfort” but this means your heel will slip in and out of the shoes easily, meaning walking in them will become not only awkward but dangerous. If you wear shoes that fit you properly, and a little snuggly (without pinching), they will grip your foot more firmly, meaning no slippage and no risk of a Cinderella moment.

No heels more than half the length of your foot


If your feet are more petite than a size 4, it means your feet are less than 22.5-23cm long. This means if you’re wearing a 5 inch heels, these heels are literally higher than half the length of your feet, which means they’ll be incredibly uncomfortable to wear: my feet are a size 3.5-4, so I limit myself to a 10cm heel. Of course, if the shoe has a platform, this rule can be broken, as long as the platform helps compensate for the heel height.

Stack it


If someone “Stacks It” in Australia, it means they’ve fallen over. However, in the context of heels, if you are starting out in the world of High Heels, a wedge, stacked or blocked heel will help you on your way. These thicker style heels offer greater balance, are more comfortable to wear, and easier to walk in for the novice.

Be confident


This one is obvious, but essential. If you don’t have confidence in your footwear, you’ll over compensate and end up walking like a t-rex. You know – hunched over, over balancing, etc. Be confident you can walk in those heels, and you’ll be amazed at just how different your stride is, and as such how much easier it is!

Strut your stuff


Now, this is the big secret to being able to walk in heels glamorously and more importantly – effortlessly.

Strut. Your. Stuff.

Seriously – watch a model walk the catwalk, or a dancer walk onto the stage, and emulate this whilst walking in heels. Rather than walking with one foot placed straight in front of its original position, place one foot slightly in front of the other like a model or dancer does and you will suddenly find not only are those heels easy to walk in, but your posture straightens and you’re not just walking, you’re strutting.

Follow the above tips and you’ll be killin’ it in heels in no time.


Do you have any advice for wearing heels? Let me know in the comments!

xx Bry Jaimea