How to Fix Brassy Hair at Home

So, earlier this year (in August) I went from brunette to blonde, and despite my misgivings about hairdressers in general I paid £150 to have it done professionally… Big mistake as I ended up with Brassy Hair.

Typically, I cut and colour my own hair as I haven’t had a positive experience with a hairdresser since I was about 24, but I decided to treat myself, and have it done by the professionals.

It was going to be a big job afterall. I had used a light brown dye over lightened auburn hair, and it had turned a very dark brown. However, having lifted my hair from black to blonde before (myself) I knew what I was in for, and knew what had to be done. I knew it was possible, and with the right amount of power behind the lift, and the right toners, I’d have platinum locks again in no time.

However, £150 later, and after 8 hours in the salon chair, this is what happened:

Please ignore the absolute terrifying haircut they gave me, you know, the one that is uneven, shorter than I asked for (I asked for no legnth off, just for thenm to neaten things up…), which destroyed my perfectly constructed layers, and focus on the incredibly brassy, orange hair.

Not pretty, is it?

They had lifted my hair to a beautiful platinum during the process, although my tips were quite dark, however after putting a colour dye over this, bam – suddenly orange. Additionally, the salon didn’t tone the hair with a blue or violet after this dye, which is what left me with such a brassy tone.

Here’s a photo of my hair two days later, after washing:


I left a bad review on the salons facebook and they had the audacity to argue that this is golden blonde, as opposed to, y’know brassy.

Brassy hair. Brassy hair everywhere.

Anyway, my hair was a catastrophe, and my mistrust of hairdressers had increased exponentially. Thankfully, loving my hair DIY, I knew exactly what to do to fix this mess.

This is what my hair looks like now, in this gorgeous make-up free, blurry photo:

And this is how I did it safely, gently, and without causing further damage to my hair.

What I Used to Fix my Brassy Hair

  • Superdrug Pick n Mix Gradual Bleaching Spray £3.49 (not available online)
  • Superdrug Colour Effects in Cool Blonde £1.99
  • Vatika Naturals Egg Protein Conditioning Hair Mask 500g £5.99
  • Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 200 ml £8.49

What I Did

  1. I saturated my dry hair with the gradual bleaching spray, combed it through, put it in a sleep bun and left on for 24 hours – I don’t use heat on my hair, so I let it dry naturally during this period.
  2. The next day, I shampooed my hair, applied the Hair Growth mask for five minutes, and washed it out.
  3. I then conditioned my hair, before applying the Protein Mask for five minutes, and washing out.
  4. After my hair had completely dried, I saturated my dry hair with Colour Effects conditioner and combed through. I left it on for 25-30 minutes, then shampooed and conditioned as normal.

I did this treatment twice, and you can see the huge improvement made from the original photo. My hair had been gently lightened to a brighter blonde, toned to remove the excessive brassy tones, and is soft and well conditioned.

All these products are gentle on the hair, and the two hair masks help restore moisture and protein that is lost whilst bleaching hair which will help improve condition.