How to Feel & Look Your Best When Leaving the House

How to Feel & Look Your Best When Leaving the House

We’ve all done it, left the house feeling great, only to walk past our reflection and realise something, somehow, how gone tragically wrong – whether it’s a piece of lettuce in our teeth, tissue remnants from the washing machine, or a less than flattering silhouette, knowing that something isn’t quite right with how we are presenting ourselves outwardly to the world, something that is easily resolved, can dent ones ego and self esteem for the rest of the day (or night).

The below are the checks I do before leaving the house to ensure that even if my outfit is only from Primark or New Look, I at least feel a million dollars.

Check your heels

My mother taught me that you could tell a lot about a person from their shoes, which may or may not have been the instigator of my shoe obsession! However, just because you love shoes doesn’t mean your shoes always love you. No matter how pricey or pretty your shoes, if they’re scuffed, or have ripped heels or that annoying “clickety clack” on the pavement when the tip of your heels have worn down to expose the nail, those shoes aren’t doing your look any favours.

Before you wear a pair of shoes, quickly check them over to see if they’re in good shape, or in need of a fix or maybe even retirement. Give them a polish, a scrub, or take them to the shoe doctor before wearing them again.

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De-lint yourself

I keep a lint roller next to my door so that whenever I am about to leave the house, I can do a once over to pick up any stray hairs or marks that I may not have noticed previously. No matter what I am wearing – whether it be jeans or a suit, I always de-lint before leaving the house. This is especially necessary if someone in the house forgets to remove their tissues from their pockets before laundry day, or if you have a pet.
Lint rolls are incredibly cheap and easy to find, but if yours has just died, sticky tape or masking tape does just as good a job.

Wear clothing that fits

The most important thing to do when shopping for new clothing is to ignore the number on the label! Vanity sizing is a horrible reality and who knows what size any of us truly are anymore. I have clothing in my closet ranging from a size 8 through to a size 16 and all of it fits. When buying clothing, ignore the number and instead focus on how your clothing fits. If you have a bulge here, or a gap there you’re going to feel neither comfortable nor confident in your outfit.
It’s also important to know what type of clothes suit you – your personality, your personal style, your height, your weight, and maybe your age. Don’t take the “fashion rules” too seriously though, and make your own. As long as it fits well, you like the way it looks on you, and it makes you feel confident, the fashion rules can jump out the window.

Have your best face on

I don’t often wear full make up, and usually stick to basics of mascara and filled-in brows on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are wearing no makeup, a face full of makeup, or somewhere in between, it pays to ensure that you are happy with the way you look before you leave the house. Looking your best often comes down to confidence and if you need a bright red lip to have your best face on, then wear that bright red lip! Wear your makeup or nude face, and don’t let it wear you. Also, treat our skin well because having clear skin always helps boost your inner-love for yourself – this is how I kep my skin blemish free.
Also, don’t forget to brush those brows and neaten them up before you leave the house. With a great pair of brows, who needs anything else!

Check your nails

Chipped nail polish, whether finger nails or toe nails, will always detract from an outfit. It’s better to have no nail polish, than chipped polish, so if you notice chipped polish before you leave the house, quickly whip out either the nail polish for a touch up, or polish remover to banish the offending paint! Also, if you’re not wearing nail polish, try to make sure your nails don’t have any dirt caught beneath them.
My last tip about nails is try to make sure they’re all the same length! If one nail breaks, it’s time to file the rest down to suit.


I am a big stickler for hygiene, and it is incredibly important to me to the point it is the one part of my OCD that unfortunately does affect others and has ended relationships in the past. However, my obsession with it aside, it’s hard to feel good about yourself if you smell.
Before you leave the house, how do you and your body feel? Are your legs prickly and annoying? Do you smell a bit? Does your hair look a bit greasy?
If you are feeling fresh when you leave the house you will feel far better than if you were in desperate need of a shower, and as we all know feeling good about yourself translates to confidence, and looking and feeling confident helps you look your best.
Even if you are running low on time, a quick shower will be better for your confidence than the perfect hair or makeup. Have a quick shower, and cut back on the time needed to do your hair or makeup, as nothing feels better than feeling fresh and clean.


We have all heard of resting bitch face, and I myself have resting sad face. I know sometimes smiling isn’t all that easy, especially with stress and anxiety gnawing at us, and having strangers tell us to “smile” as we pass them is irritating and offensive. However, we don’t have to smile with our mouths to completely change the way we appear to the world, and make us look out best. Smile with your eyes, or “Smize” as Tyra once put it, and not only will you look more youthful and confident, but you’ll start feeling better too.

 And finally:

Wear something just for you

Your favourite perfume, a comfy pair of panties, a sexy bra – wear something just for you, and for no one else, and it’ll help put that extra spring in your step. No one will be close enough to smell the perfume, but you know you’ll smell beautiful. No one will see the lacy bra, but you’ll feel that little bit more sexy. No one will know you’re wearing comfy panties, but by gosh, aren’t you just so comfy! Sometimes we need to remember that confidence is more about how we feel about ourselves rather than how people perceive us. If we feel confident, comfortable and in control then that will resonate and other people will see you the way you feel about yourself.

How do you make sure you feel your best when leaving the house?