Are You a Morning Person?

Are You a Morning Person?

I’m finally feeling better which means it’s time to get back into my usual routine, without the fatigue, sneezing, sniffling, and tummy pains I’ve been living with for the past week!

As a creature of habit and routine, I’m glad to be back to full health, as even if sometimes my life may seem chaotic, it’s always chaos of the structured and organised type.

The one thing in my life though that that organised chaos never gets a view into though, is my morning.

See, I’m a morning person: I rise early and hit the ground running each day, with energy and enthusiasm most people find confusing. I have a routine in place before and after bed that means waking up each morning is actually a pleasurable experience, and arise with my engines firing at 100% each day.

I wasn’t always this way mind you, I used to be that dusty eyed mess, barely awake until midday type, until I made some changes to my routine and noticed the benefits of my new lifestyle.

But Who’d Want to Be a Morning Person?

The advantages of being a morning person are numerous:

You start your day with a positive and proactive attitude, you make healthier food choices, you’re more disciplined, you have more energy, you get more done throughout the day and you don’t regret wasting your day in bed.

And if that’s not enough, you get to annoy non-morning people with your positivity and joie de vivre!

Ok, I’m Convinced. How Can I Be a Morning Person?

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Apparently, being a morning person is actually rare with only 2 out of 10 people being a true morning person. However, having turned myself into an AM personality, I think anyone can be a morning person if they want to be.

Whether you got little sleep, are hungover, or are a night owl, becoming a morning person can be done with very little effort but a few small and simple changes in your usual routine:

The Night Before

Shower before Bed

Going to bed freshly showered, means that even if you have a less than restful sleep or it’s a warm evening, you won’t have the previous days dirt and sweat compounded during the night. You’ll feel fresher in the morning, and be ready to start your day the second your feet hit the carpet.

Don’t have a heavy dinner

Eating a heavy dinner just before bed isn’t the best idea at any time, and especially not if you want to be a morning person, as then you’ll wake up with a heavy feeling in your stomach or worse – bloating!

Skip the Caffeine

Most people don’t realise tea (both black and white) contain caffeine which can cause restlessness and a disturbed sleep. Skip the caffeine right before bed and any time after 6pm, to ensure a restful sleep.

Get enough Sleep

We’re told that we need 8 hours sleep a night, but this differs for everyone, and very few people fall asleep within a minute of hitting the hay. Try to find out how much sleep you really need, whether it’s 7, 8 or 9 hours, and then go to bed at least half an hour earlier.

This extra half an hour will allow your body time to slip into slumber at its own pace without developing Sleep Anxiety (anxiety of not getting enough shut eye).

The Morning

Wake Up Naturally

It’s tempting to use black out curtains or an eyemask to block out the early morning sun, especially if you live in the North! These actually interfere with your circadian rhythm, which isn’t healthy. Our bodies are designed to awaken with the sun, and by doing so you’ll wake up feeling far more refreshed than if woken by an alarm.

In winter, use an alarm clock that mimics a natural sunrise to help you wake up naturally.

Don’t Hit Snooze

Speaking of alarms – don’t hit snooze! Once you’ve been woken by your alarm, falling back asleep, or even closing your eyes, has the potential of throwing off your body’s rhythm for the day, and causing both lethargy and a groggy feeling.

If you do hit snooze, use this time to take a few mindful moments for yourself instead, and mentally prepare yourself for the day

Open the Curtains and Windows

Opening the curtains or blinds will flood your room with natural light and fresh air. It’ll give you a moment to reflect on the day ahead of you, feel refreshed and energised, and also clue you in to the weather!

Be Inspired

If you have something to look forward to – a cup of tea or coffee, an amazing breakfast, a morning jog with a friend – you’ll be encouraged if not excited to get out of bed and start your day.

Kickstart your metabolism

A warm glass of water with either lemon juice of Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning will not only hydrate you after 8 hours of sleep, but also get your metabolism moving for the day, and start your digestive system doing its thing.

It’s also a great opportunity to take any supplements or vitamins you may take.

Have a Routine

Having a routine helps you be a morning person because it helps kick off your productivity for the day. The routine can be as simple as opening the curtains, applying face cream, putting on the kettle. Having positive actions to begin your day sets the momentum for the following hours!

Don’t Pressure Yourself

Being a morning person won’t come easily to everyone, but with a little thought and preparation everyone can improve their health and wellbeing each morning. Don’t pressure yourself, and don’t worry if it doesn’t happen straight away. Changing into a morning person is a lifestyle change, and these changes won’t happen overnight, but when the sun rises!

Are you a morning person? Let me know in the comments!

xx Bry Jaimea