Currently Coveting: Grey Boots

Currently Coveting: Grey Boots

Ok guys, I just went to make myself a piece of toast using the £3 fancy gluten free cob loaf Ben bought me last night, and it’s covered in mould. Needless to say, I’m now hangry. There’ll be a few (polite) words said to the team at our local Morrison’s when I get there later… Now, onto Grey Boots!

When I was younger and believed my mother knew everything about fashion, I never wore grey as I was told it washed me out, and made me look sickly. As I grew older, however, and developed my own ideas and style.

I realised although my mother had some good ideas (i.e. show your legs or your cleavage, but never both), she wasn’t the be all and end all fountain of fashion knowledge she thought she was.

Because, to put it simply: I look damn good in grey.

Come Autumn and Winter and I am all over grey – especially when worn with soft pinks or deep reds, which are my cold weather essential colours along with cream and khaki.

Grey makes me feel soft, comfortable, beautiful.

No colour speaks to our souls like grey does. It elicits both feelings of cold and comfort, and were you to associate any colour with hygge, it’d surely be the colour of peace and quiet, of foggy mornings and rainy days – that is to say, grey.

When it comes to my love affair with this gorgeous shade, to say I only had one pair of grey boots would be a bit fat lie – I have two, which I suppose isn’t too dramatic, however, given my wishlist of boots below I am sure that number will be rising soon.

But more importantly – what colour were you told didn’t suit you, but turns out you look amazing in?

Looking Great in Grey (Boots)

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