An Aussie living in Glasgow, who likes to share with people how to cook, how to live, and how to shop.

You could almost say, this blog is about Food, Life and Style.

34 years old, I started blogging (then called journalling) back when Live Journal was a thing (about 20 years old). Since then I have had many blogs (ranging from diaries to recipes to webcomics) but never took myself (or it) seriously.

However, this time around I am taking it seriously, and have buried all those other journals in places they can never be found – or you know, just deleted them. Honestly, my webcomics were created in MSWord using Auto-Shapes, and my sense of humour is just terrible.

I may not have a very good sense of humour, but I’m as creative as I am organised, meaning I can think outside the box without forgetting that there’s still a box to be dealt with!

Food has always been an incredibly important part of my life, and I share new recipes every week. I live a gluten free lifestyle, however although my recipes aren’t labelled gluten free, only gluten free ingredients are used unless otherwise specified. As I have an estrogen intolerance, it means my recipes are seed, bean and soy free. I don’t know where my passion for cooking came from, but I remember as a child collecting recipes and making scrapbooks of all the things I planned to cook. I was the resident expert of all things sweet and spicy in the household – an expertise I still proudly claim today!

As I grew up in Sydney, I’ve had amazing exposure to Asian cuisine since I was wee which means it’s not only close to my heart, but my specialty in the kitchen. However, these recipes don’t fare well on blog so I tend to focus on more Western cuisine instead. Should this ever change I have literally hundreds of Asian recipes ready to share!

I try to live an organic life, especially when it comes to cleaning. I have a small cat (Maia) so reducing the amount of chemicals she is exposed to is incredibly important to me. I tend to create my own cleaning products from toilet cleaners to air fresheners at home (using tried and tested methods) which I share on this blog, within the Life section.

Living organically was an unintentional progression in life that started when I first moved to Scotland, where I have tried to not only reduce the chemicals in my life, but also live an affordable and sustainable lifestyle.

When it comes to style, I have too many shoes to count and am always developing new design concepts for my flat, and keeping an eye on the latest trends. Style isn’t just about what we wear, or what we buy, but also about how we present ourselves to the world (confidence) and how we live in our spaces (comfort), all of which I explore in the Style section of this blog.

Whether it’s food, life or style, at the end of the day I am passionate about life, love, and laughter, and what could be better than sharing it with you?

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