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5 reasons I love your blog

One of the first things I do in the morning, whilst sipping my uber-strenghted cup of green tea, is open up Bloglovin’, and check out what’s happening in the Bloggersphere. It’s an enjoyable half an hour, living (vicariously), learning, and loving the bright and amazing lives of so many strong women around the world. However,… Continue reading 5 reasons I love your blog

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May Update (and a broken laptop)

Hooray it’s May! And… My laptop has died. A dead laptop means sporadic updates until I can have it repaired (thankfully it’s under warranty), but I won’t have a chance to have it sent off for another two weeks – damn real-work and Paris getting in the way! Anyway, broken equipment aside, my birthday is… Continue reading May Update (and a broken laptop)

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Cheats Hollandaise (How to Make Hollandaise in a Blender!)

My favourite breakfast, for as long as I can remember (after being banned from eating Nutrigrain) has always been eggs – scrambled, fried, baked, boiled, poached. I have spent years perfecting the cooking of eggs and I look forward to each and every Saturday having my eggs for breakfast. Oddly enough, despite loving eggs I… Continue reading Cheats Hollandaise (How to Make Hollandaise in a Blender!)