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How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

Every single day in the office, at least once, the following conversation will take place: “How the hell do you walk in those heels?” To which I respond, with my trademarked (not really) smile: “Glamorously.” I then, of course, give the person a short instruction on how to walk in heels because you can’t be… Continue reading How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

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Surviving Summer: Slogan Sun Hats

We may not get much sun here in Scotland so in Summer we tend to jump on a flight and take holidays wherever the sun is shining, and the cocktails are icy-cold! This season, sun hats are big and bold and have a lot to say for themselves. Style these hats with a classic, retro swimsuit for a day on the beach, or with a maxi dress with some oversized shades if you’re in the mood for a picnic instead.

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How to Dress to Impress (for an interview)

The last two weeks I’ve had the joy of sitting at home doing very little, other than heading into town to attend two interviews during my first week off. It’s been bliss! My most recent contract (you know, the one with the stress) came to its conclusion the other week, so I decided to have… Continue reading How to Dress to Impress (for an interview)

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How to Feel & Look Your Best When Leaving the House

We’ve all done it, left the house feeling great, only to walk past our reflection and realise something, somehow, how gone tragically wrong – whether it’s a piece of lettuce in our teeth, tissue remnants from the washing machine, or a less than flattering silhouette, knowing that something isn’t quite right with how we are… Continue reading How to Feel & Look Your Best When Leaving the House