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How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

Every single day in the office, at least once, the following conversation will take place: “How the hell do you walk in those heels?” To which I respond, with my trademarked (not really) smile: “Glamorously.” I then, of course, give the person a short instruction on how to walk in heels because you can’t be… Continue reading How to walk in heels (effortlessly)

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5 Ways I Use Coconut Oil (almost) Every Day

I talked last week about how to start your skin on its journey towards being healthy and glowing from the inside, but now it's time to see what we can do from the outside. Y'all on the coconut oil train, right? If not, seriously, you need to give it a go! I’ve been using coconut… Continue reading 5 Ways I Use Coconut Oil (almost) Every Day

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Beautiful Skin Starts from Within

In case you didn’t already know: I am obsessed with skincare in the constant search for beautiful skin. Now, beautiful skin isn’t about it being completely flawless without colour or character: just because you have freckles, scars, moles, birthmarks or a line or two, doesn’t mean your skin isn’t beautiful. Beautiful skin is healthy skin:… Continue reading Beautiful Skin Starts from Within

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Surviving Summer: Slogan Sun Hats

We may not get much sun here in Scotland so in Summer we tend to jump on a flight and take holidays wherever the sun is shining, and the cocktails are icy-cold! This season, sun hats are big and bold and have a lot to say for themselves. Style these hats with a classic, retro swimsuit for a day on the beach, or with a maxi dress with some oversized shades if you’re in the mood for a picnic instead.

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Decorating on a Budget: A Guide for Beginners on Where to Shop and What to Buy

Somehow, the colour scheme for the post has ended up being very green. I don't particular ever decorate with green, but hey, there ya go! Anyway, I mentioned in this post (and then again in this post, because hell, why not?) that Ben and I are moving soon! Not only are we moving, but we’re consolidating (i.e.… Continue reading Decorating on a Budget: A Guide for Beginners on Where to Shop and What to Buy