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Keeping your spirits up, when your body is down

Asthma, hayfever, random stomach bugs – I seem to have had it all over the past few weeks and I feel as though I am a mere husk of myself. Although I typically have a rather strong constitution, because my immune system is currently compromised due to my asthma and hayfever (thanks a lot summer!),… Continue reading Keeping your spirits up, when your body is down

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What is Summertime SADness?

My closest friends know that summer-me is grumpy-me: I can’t tolerate the heat, I withdraw into myself, and grow grumpy and irritable as well as starting to doubt not only myself, but everything around me. However, the moment it rains my mood brightens almost instantly. Come winter I have energy to spare, and a bright… Continue reading What is Summertime SADness?

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One Quick Trick to Prevent Chaffing

Summer has struck Glasgow, so it’s time for the dresses to come out of hibernation, the tights to be packed away, and my opalescent legs to reflect the sunlight, blinding passer-by’s with the glare. However, as wonderful as that sounds it also means the one summer curse we don’t like talking about: Chaffing. Any person… Continue reading One Quick Trick to Prevent Chaffing

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I Got Fat and It Was My (Bad) Choice

The other day whilst in H&M looking at accessories, I noticed something strange about my fingers, I noticed that they looked like short, fat little sausages – the type you cook up for kids at barbecues that only taste nice if they’re covered in sauce. Chipolatas. I had chipolata fingers. Now, needless to say realising… Continue reading I Got Fat and It Was My (Bad) Choice