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The Real Reason I left Australia

Well, we’re into the second month of Summer here in Scotland and it is absolutely bucketing with rain outside. Oh, and the temperature also hasn’t risen about 18C in about 2 weeks, and the forecast today is for a high of 15C. Summer indeed! Anyhoo, with this beautiful weather in mind, I’m more often than… Continue reading The Real Reason I left Australia

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May Update (and a broken laptop)

Hooray it’s May! And… My laptop has died. A dead laptop means sporadic updates until I can have it repaired (thankfully it’s under warranty), but I won’t have a chance to have it sent off for another two weeks – damn real-work and Paris getting in the way! Anyway, broken equipment aside, my birthday is… Continue reading May Update (and a broken laptop)

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April Update & Newsletter

April is upon us! Where the hell did January, February and March go? Has any one else noticed that time seems to be travelling faster these days? No? Just me? Anyway, as this year proceeds to, uh, march on I’ve already started planning content for the months ahead. Apart from my weekly recipes, there’s lots… Continue reading April Update & Newsletter