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How to make Whipped Feta

I had four days off over the weekend! Hooray! This of course meant I was able to indulge in a lot of cooking. Saturday night we had Ben’s mum over for dinner and so I constructed the first Lasagne al Forno I’d made in about five years (needed more beschamel!), as well as my classic… Continue reading How to make Whipped Feta

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Cucumber & Feta Salad

As part of my Surviving Summer series, I’ll be posting some amazing summer recipes over the next month and given my absolute love of salads, I thought I’d start with this absolutely gorgeous salad for one. This has been my go-to favourite salad for years, in fact, the photo below is from the first time… Continue reading Cucumber & Feta Salad

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Cheats Hollandaise (How to Make Hollandaise in a Blender!)

My favourite breakfast, for as long as I can remember (after being banned from eating Nutrigrain) has always been eggs – scrambled, fried, baked, boiled, poached. I have spent years perfecting the cooking of eggs and I look forward to each and every Saturday having my eggs for breakfast. Oddly enough, despite loving eggs I… Continue reading Cheats Hollandaise (How to Make Hollandaise in a Blender!)

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5 Simple Spring Salads

Happy Spring Equinox! It would be remiss of me not to mention that it is actually snowing today in Glasgow. Spring has Sprung, huh? It’s not quite summer yet, but despite the snow, the sun is already rising earlier, setting later, and weather forecasts are predicting double digits next week! This of course means it’s… Continue reading 5 Simple Spring Salads

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Roast Garlic Creamy Linguine

It’s been a very tiresome past month, with life doing its best to bring me down, so putting much thought into what I’d be posting hasn’t been at the top of my agenda. I have been cooking (I am always cooking) however trying to take photos or finding the inspiration to write just hasn’t been… Continue reading Roast Garlic Creamy Linguine