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Oven Baked Lamb Kofta

You ever have those weekends where you have oodles of plans, but none of it comes to fruition because of one small, tiny, factor? Yeah, that was my weekend. After walking for too long in the incorrect footwear (i.e. no heels) on Saturday, I hurt my hips quite badly meaning a day or sofa-rest as… Continue reading Oven Baked Lamb Kofta

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Quick & Easy Chili con Carne

Should I mention how bad I am at photos again? No? Brilliant, thank you! Although I wrote a blog post for both Friday and Saturday, neither of them ended up online last week. Friday’s post I literally lost because Word crashed and didn’t auto-save, so goodbye post about my recent homewares mini-haul, and Saturday’s was… Continue reading Quick & Easy Chili con Carne

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Slow Braised Chinese Beef Brisket

I am currently reclined on the lounge, sipping merlot and eating brie whilst Ben and his brother play Resident Evil. Permeating the loungeroom, adrift from the kitchen across the hall, are the rich smells of what is essentially a Chinese pot roast. I can’t recall exactly what inspired this recipe the first time I made… Continue reading Slow Braised Chinese Beef Brisket

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The Ultimate Shepherd’s Pie

The weather seemed to turn from Spring to Autumn quite dramatically and suddenly here in Glasgow, and the weekend where September switched over to October, the last weekend of nice weather afforded us a relaxing able to spent at home where we decided on this slow cooked meal to really welcome Autumn to Scotland. The… Continue reading The Ultimate Shepherd’s Pie