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The perfect (but controversial!) cup of tea

You know what I love? Tea. I’m not awake until I have my first (oversized) mug of green tea in the morning, which I make incredibly strong using two teabags of the strongest brand I can find. If Ben and I are driving anywhere, even the short distance to visit his mum, I have a… Continue reading The perfect (but controversial!) cup of tea

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April Update & Newsletter

April is upon us! Where the hell did January, February and March go? Has any one else noticed that time seems to be travelling faster these days? No? Just me? Anyway, as this year proceeds to, uh, march on I’ve already started planning content for the months ahead. Apart from my weekly recipes, there’s lots… Continue reading April Update & Newsletter

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How to beat that New Year Hangover!

It’s New Year’s Eve, or if you’re in Scotland – Hogmanay – which of course means a late night and far too much bubbly (or whisky)! I love my sleep, adore my sleep, but I also like wine and a late night with friends dancing (or chatting) the night away. However, I absolutely loathe hangovers… Continue reading How to beat that New Year Hangover!