Brunch with Bry Jaimea: October

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: October

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Is anybody else exhausted, cause this year is flying by and I’m about to get a serious case of whiplash.

Tomorrow, all the spooky decorations we’ve been cooing over the past few weeks will be replaced with Christmas (or Thanksgiving, if you’re over in the US) décor. Pumpkin cupcakes will be replaced by pumpkin pie or minced pies. Black and orange will be replaced with red and green.

That’s right, today marks the end of spooky season, and tomorrow the start of the glittery, sparkly, Christmas season.

I cannot believe it.

Because, it’s finally, after all the months – my favourite time of year.

I freaking love Christmas, and I kid you not when I say it’s one of the 10 reasons I moved to the UK – for real, proper, wintery Christmases.

This year will be my third Christmas here in Scotland, and the second year I’ll be cooking for Ben and his family. I’ve already put together a Christmas Menu and my Tesco basket is ready to be checked out the very second the Christmas delivery slots become available.

Seriously, I cannot wait!

However, Christmas aside (for now), let’s talk October and the beautiful month it was.

Amber leaves falling from trees, dancing on the wind before finding their home scattered across lawns and paths. October truly is the prettiest month with its rich colours, aromas, and weather that’s not too cold, not too warm, but just right.

That perfect weather isn’t going to last much longer as on Sunday night temperatures plummeted to 0C overnight, and blankets were brought out and heated blankets purchased. Yesterday on the way to the office I finally got to bring out the gloves, too! Bring. On. Winter.

With the nights now settling in earlier, Glasgow is at its prettiest. The city has a thing for fairy lights, and seeing thousands of specks of golden light against the indigo skies of autumn is just such a lovely sight to see. Whereas in Summer I’m grumpy, stomping down Buchanan Street, come Autumn and Winter I’m in full on frollick mode.

All of that aside, what did I get up to in this most picture-perfect of months?

Not that much to be honest:

Blog Stuff

I went self-hosted, and I almost had a breakdown. However, it looks pretty, it does what it’s meant to do (sometimes…) and overall, I’m pretty happy with the results.

Food Stuff

Oh my goodness, I ate so much amazing food this month! I’ve mentioned before that the cooler months are always quite social for me, and the second the calendar ticked over to October my diary for the next few months is already looking fab.

There were lunches at Metropolitan Glasgow, dinner at The Stables, and delicious home cooked roast dinners thanks to Helen, Ben’s mum. I ate far too much food this month, however am strictly counting my calories to ensure I avoid Holiday Belly.

I’m using this app to track my calories and I am so thankful for this little guy, because it means I don’t really have to think too hard about trying to remember everything anymore. As I’m only 5’2 I only need a small amount of calories each day to keep me going, and the fact I can just scan a barcode to have the calories tracked? Couldn’t be easier.

And guess what? Despite severly over indulging over the weekend – I’ve lost more weight! Yay! Only 18kg to go!

Moving Stuff

Earlier this year, Ben and I were planning a relocation into a more spacious flat, however due to a dodgy RE agent that fell through. Since then we’ve been pottering around my one bedroom flat happily enough. However, the town we live in isn’t the nicest of areas. Although our part is quiet and safe, the town centre isn’t. The local shops are all closing, one by one, and even McDonald’s has given up hope for the town.

As such, we’ve decided it’s time to move with a view to relocate in February next year (which is only three months away, guys!). A couple of weekends ago we drove around some of the villages near the Campsies and I fell completely in love with one of them, and have my heart set on it. At the base of the Campsie’s, with a river running through the village, and surrounded by woodlands, it’s a beautiful wee place and I cannot wait to move.

The flat we’re currently in is fully furnished, as most one-bedroom flats in the UK are, so when we move we’ll finally get to buy our own furniture and decorate the way we want to – thank the stars! I’ve built a staggering wishlist of furniture already that we’ll be investing in, and am looking forward to pulling it all together, and creating a beautiful home overlooked by the Scottish hills.

Maia Stuff

Maia, being a cat and all, doesn’t understand Daylight Savings.

As the clocks went back over the weekend, Maia is having a hard time adjusting to my “new” routine, i.e. doing everything an “hour later” according to her kitty mind. Last night she literally spent an hour mewing at me and chasing me out of rooms until I went to bed. Even Ben got a mouthful from her when he was trying to put away some clothes and not leaving me alone to sleep!

Yes, that wee black kitty runs our home.

However, Maia is in good health and continues to be the softest most velvety black cat ever. If you follow my Insta Stories you’ll have already gotten to know her.

There’s not really much more that happened over October, however there’s plenty of plans afoot for the next two months: I am sure Novembers Brunch will be far more exciting!

What did you get up to over October?

xx Bry Jaimea