A trip down Brick Lane

A trip down Brick Lane

The first time I visited Brick Lane was back when I lived in London in 2015. I was taken there by the person I was dating at the time after being promised salt beef bagels, which despite my gluten intolerance, is high on my list of things I love – I mean, who doesn’t love bagels, amiright or amiright?

After waiting in line and buying our bagels from the 24 hour Beigel Bake, we wandered off towards London Bridge, and I realised he was a terrible person and ended the fledgling relationship about a week later.

Now, he wasn’t a horrible person because of the bagel, no not at all! The bagel was bloody delicious. He, however, was a very angry young man and I try tend to avoid those with unmanaged aggressive streaks.

Anyway, back to how amazing this bagel was. It was amazing. And I’ve been dreaming of another ever since, so much so that when Ben and I were recently in London I convinced him that we had to visit Brick Lane in order to buy a salt beef bagel before we returned home.

Not one to turn me down when I am in one of my passionate/obsessive moods (which is pretty much every mood I have), on our final day in London, in 27 degree weather, the hot sun shining off the bright facades of London’s streets, we ventured towards Brick Lane.

Brick Lane is one of my favourite places in London, and not just for the bagels, but for the whole bustling, buzzing atmosphere of the place. There’s always something to do, or something new to find, along that stretch of road, and the crowds that visit it each day are more than aware of the treasures it holds.

If you’ve never been to Brick Lane, it’s not just a place to buy food, but a collection of art markets, vintage stores, restaurants and food markets, that creates a gorgeously fun and enticing atmosphere, especially on the bright day we were experiencing as we traversed its length.

With the promise of a bagel at the end of the cobbled street, Ben and I wandered through the markets, perusing arts and crafts, second hand vinyls and clearly knock-off football jerseys. With each food cart we passed (and trust me there were many!) our hungers interest was continuously piqued as we tried to decide on where our culinary adventure would take us, as we started to think maybe there was something better than a bagel.

At one point, I stepped to the side to avoid a fellow foodventurer, and as I stepped out of the way, into a doorway, I was greeted with a scintillatingly inviting and enticing aroma that promised to offer more temptations than we had ever dreamed of.

We had come across a collection of food carts, a foodie’s dream market, offering more than a dozen different cuisines, and a large garden courtyard in which to enjoy them. Ben and I completed three laps of the food market, before settling down with our lunch, and enjoying the delicious food beneath the warmth of a typical English summer day.

I should mention here, that typical English summer days are not what you imagine – they are bright, warm, and colourful, and bring all manner of people and personalities out onto the streets. I thoroughly love an English summer, and have so many fond memories of them – far more so than any Australian summers!

Anyway, I digress.

After devouring our lunch, we continued the length of Brick Lane as we nibbled on cannoli, passing the Beigel Bake, before resting our feet in a cosy pub and enjoying an ice cold pint with only a slim shimmer of regret that no bagels were bought.

But, London will still be there next year, as will Beigel Bake, and next time, well, we’ll probably traverse Brick Lane once more with the promise of bagels, only to be distracted by something equally as divine!

A massive thank you to these Instagrammers for letting me share their gorgeous photos!

xx Bry Jaimea