The Best Travel Tips (you’ve probably never heard!)

The Best Travel Tips (you’ve probably never heard!)

Next Tuesday, Ben and I are flying out to NYC! We’ll be spending 7 nights in the Big Apple, and although Ben has visited before (and counts it as his favourite city), it’ll be my first visit. Having watched SATC repeats religiously in my twenties, watched 30 Rock at least a half dozen times, and following many amazing NYC based bloggers, I couldn’t be more excited to finally be visiting this great city! I grew up in Sydney, I’m used to being in the middle of the rat race and find these environments absolutely thrilling, and I’ve been lead to believe NYC is quite similar to Sydney – but on steroids!

As Ben has been before, there’s not too many things he wants to see (this will be his 5th trip there!) so our itinerary is mainly things I want to do and see, including an ice hockey game, a day visiting museums, and of course, plenty of shopping. I’m also hoping I bump into (or at least see) one or two of my favourite fashion bloggers in passing so I can fangirl a little. And, quite excitedly, I’m having brunch with one of my fave lifestyle bloggers too!

However, you’re not here to read about my plans for next week, but to read some of my travel tips! Now, these aren’t the same travel tips you’ll find everywhere else here on the good ol’ internet – these are tips based on advice from friends, personal experience, being a blogger obsessed with skincare, and a good dose of Taurean common sense.

A lot of people find travel quite daunting and either over or under prepare in response. Personally, I think travel is quite easy but then again, I’m probably the most organised person I know. With that said though, the tips below are why I find travelling so easy and enjoyable because they help reduce a lot of the stress and anxiety that travelling can create.

So, without further ado, here are my top five travel tips for an easier, breasier holiday!

The best travel tips you've probably never heard! If you're looking for tips, tricks, advice and hacks for your next adventure and holiday, then look no further. Learn the best way to enjoy your travels easily and stress free. No more stress, or anxiety when travelling with these travel tips! Pinterest via @bryjaimea #travel #tips #hacks #advice #traveltips #traveladvice #travelhacks #adventure #holidays #packing #blogger #travelblogger

The Best Travel Tips (you’ve probably never heard!)

Pack Accessories, not Outfits

One of the biggest and best travel tips I’ve ever been given was from my gorgeous friend Megs back home in Australia. She said that when she travels she always packs light – one coat, one or two pairs of jeans, a handful of tshirts she can wash as and when needed abroad. However, she would always pack plenty of scarves and accessories – a different one for every day. This way, although you’re wearing essentially the same outfit every day, you’ll always look different in your photos.

Learn The Basics

Whether you’re travelling to a non-English speaking country, or one where English is the main language, there will always be cultural and language differences to content with. It’s important to learn local customs (such as tipping), as well as a few basic phrases such as: Please, Thank you, Yes, No, Excuse Me, and of course A Table for Two, please. Also, it’s important to remember that just because a country speaks the same language as you, it doesn’t mean every word has the same meaning, e.g. thongs mean something very different between Australia and the UK!

Make copies of everything

Before you even step foot on your flight make a copy of your passport and any other travel documents – scan these, email them to yourself in a password protected file. You never know what might be needed and when, and having these easily accessible on your phone will give you a lot of peace of mind lest the worst happens and you lose your passport during your travels, or are required to show ID when you’ve none to hand.

Use Groupon as Inspiration

We’re all familiar with Groupon for snagging an amazing deal or two, however, most restaurants with Groupon deals also offer these deals outside of Groupon too – in fact, some of the deals they have at the venue are better than those you’ll find on Groupon. Use Groupon as inspiration to find places to eat, but always check the restaurants website to see if they have any better deals directly.

Don’t forget your Skin!

When on any flight that’s longer than an hour or two, I always take a sheet mask or two. I honestly don’t care if I’m that crazy looking lady on the plane wearing a sheet mask whilst others sleep, because at the end of the flight, I’ll never see these people again and I’ll have amazingly hydrated and refreshed skin. Also, although that never ending supply of Pinot Grigio from the cabin crew is tempting, remember the recycled air on planes causes with your skin, so ensure you’re downing plenty of water as well as wine.

Be a Fearless Eater

I am a huge believer that you can learn a lot about a country and its people through it’s food. Skip McDonald’s and StarBucks and eat street food, eat local produce, and try things off the menu you wouldn’t normally try at home. Travelling is all about broadening your horizons and experience, and what better way to expand your experiences than through delicious food?

I am thoroughly excited for our holiday next week and can’t wait to strut and eat my way through the big apple! Do you have any travel tips to share? Let me know in the comments!

xx Bry Jaimea


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