Currently Coveting: Burgundy

Currently Coveting: Burgundy

Today I am wearing these gorgeous deep red statement earrings that Ben bought me, cause he’s fab like that. However, oddly enough, about 90% of the office today is also wearing some variation of dark red (hello Autumn!), and so I felt inspired to make this post.

It’s been a while since I made a post dedicated to shoes, so I thought, given the recent seasonal shift, now would be the perfect time for a boot post!

If you’re familiar with the AW17/18 Pantones, then you’ll know that Tawny Port is going to be everywhere this season, but not just this shade inspired by the vine, but beautiful Bordeaux’s, sexy Shiraz’s, and classy Cabernet’s are already hitting the shelves, and our wardrobes.

Boots are probably my favourite type of footwear, probably because they’re such a winter-weather item: whether ankle, calf, knee or thigh high, they’re not something to wear in summer and thus when you first start seeing them on Instagram, or in store windows, you know it’s almost beanie weather.

I still vividly remember my first pair of boots when I was 14: black leather, 8-hole doc martens! When I was 16 though, I upgraded to a pair of knee high, black leather, lace up boots that would speak to any former goth reading this. They would take forever to zip up as the brand (ROC) didn’t consider zips necessary for some insane reason.

These days, however, my former goth self is at rest, and I love my boots to be bright, colourful, and to make a visual statement.

That’s why I’ve selected these beautiful boots, in various shades of red, to share with you to get you in the mood for the rain, snow, hygge, cosiness, blankets, mulled wine, and hot chocolates to come!

Burgundy Boots by @BryJaimea

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Are you ready to start shopping for Autumn?

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