My 7 step skin care routine

My 7 step skin care routine

Last week I bought a new moisturiser to try out, which is neither a new nor rare occurrence for me, given how much I love testing new products. The product itself had nothing but rave reviews, and after a patch test I was feeling incredibly confident that this would be added to my list of beauty bible products (you know, those products that form a basis of your routine).

After my patch test went well, I applied the cream over my face and décolletage, and then 5 minutes later had to wash it off in a panic as it burned.

Something had gone seriously wrong and my skin felt as though it was on fire.

Unfortunately, as it was my first day back into the office after Christmas, I turned up to work with a bright red face, which was clearly distressed and uncomfortable.

It was a horrible experience for my skin for the following few days, and the product has since been binned. My skin was so irritated, that I had to change up my skincare routine for the entire week until it started feeling better – a change from my usual 7 step skin care routine, down to a simple cleanse and moisturise which has left my skin feeling rather dull.

Wait, what?

Did I just say a 7 step skin care routine?

Yes, yes I did, and I’m here today to tell you all about it!

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My 7 Step Skin Care Routine

I love skincare, I always have, and I understand the importance of both external and internal skincare. Beautiful skin may start from within, but what we apply externally is just as important.

I follow the Korean 7 step skin care routine.

Although it may seem a bit extreme, every step has its purpose; honestly, if I skip a step for whatever reason I can feel and see the difference in my skin.

The 7 step skin care routine takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, and for me is an act of self care as having beautiful, healthy skin makes me feel more confident: you’d never believe I had acne in my 20’s!

Every few days I’ll add an extra step, such as exfoliating or a sheet mask, but what you’ll find below are the 7 steps I take every evening to promote beautiful, youthful skin.

Step 1: Oil Cleanse

Oil, as we all know, isn’t the devil it’s made out to be! Oil is essential in the emulsification of cosmetics, helping to melt them off our skin in order to be washed away. An oil cleanse is gentle and moisturising, and a great opportunity to give yourself a relaxing facial massage as your mascara, foundation, and long wear lipstick melts away.

I typically use coconut oil as it’s the best oil cleanser I’ve found and has some amazing properties which are perfect for skin care.


Step 2: Foam cleanse

Oil and water don’t mix, and this is why washing your face with water alone will never stop it from being oily! After you have emulsified your makeup with an oil cleanser, it’s time to use a foaming wash to lift it from your skin and let it be washed away.

At the moment, I’m using a kojic acid soap for this step and simply lather it onto my face before rinsing thoroughly with water.

Both Step 1 and Step 2 are done whilst I shower of an evening to help save time!


Step 3: Tone

We’ve all been toning our skin since we were teens, so there’s no need to go into this step too much. A toner is essential for removing any remaining cleansing products from your skin, restoring the pH balance and reducing the size of pores.

I prefer to use wipes for this step, and love the toning wipes from Nip+Fab, or something containing witchhazel.

Step 4: Essence

Although they may have a similar consistency, an essence and a toner are very different beasts! An essence is used to reintroduce moisture to your skin after toning and is packed with highly concentrated active ingredients. See, damp skin acts like a sponge and absorbs nutrients more efficiently than dry skin, so an essence is an essential step in your routine after toning, preparing your skin for further care.

I’m always mixing up my essences, and apply them directly to my skin with my hands, rather than a cotton pad (why waste products? I want my hands to be youthful too!) My favourite products are SK-II or Superdrug B. Essence Lotion.


Step 5: Serum

Serums are obviously full of active ingredients, but they tend to target specific issues we may be having with our skin, such as pigmentation, aging, or blemishes. Moisturising, but not a moisturiser, they absorb into the skin quickly and easily and are a great way of introducing beneficial nutrients to your skin, including that all important additional hydration.

I’m quite fond of Balance Wrinkle Freeze Serum however experiment regularly with brands.

Step 5

Step 6: Moisturise

Of an evening I use a night time moisturiser, and massage it into my face using a jade roller to help stimulate cell growth, and relieve any puffiness, but we’ll talk about Jade rollers another time! Moisturising is probably the most essential step in external skincare and no matter how tired I may be, I never forgo this step in my routine! In this step I also include an eyecream which as we all know is a must.

At the moment I am using Optimum Phytodeluxe Night Cream, but again I experiment regularly with night creams and especially love anything with retinoids for extra anti-aging properties.


Step 7: Facial Oil

Once my skin is finally prepped, hydrated, massaged, and the stress of the day has been eased out, I dab small amounts of Moroccan rose oil onto my skin, patting it gently until absorbed. Oil is the final step in your skincare routine and helps nourish and lock in all the moisture you’ve just massaged into it.

There any many different oils on the market, and these are natural products with naturally occurring active ingredients, so each oil has something different to offer your skin. My preference at the moment is Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Facial Oil.


Although it seems a bit complicated, this routine doesn’t take long at all, and the nourishment my skin receives is more than worth the effort. Caring for your skin requires commitment, and although you can get botox or face peels, taking the time to manage your skins health on a daily basis is rewarding and satisfying – remember, ageless skin is a timeless trend.

xx Bry Jaimea