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What the actual fuck, Bry Jaimea?

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Ok you guys, so I’ve been doing a bit of a redesign for my blog (yes yes, I am taking a hiatus, but I got bored because for some reason I struggle to actually do nothing, y’know?), and as I’ve been prepping graphics for my big new shiny new look at the end of September, I was going through my old posts I realised something incredibly important:

They’re all so fucking depressing.

Like seriously, every diary post is about how (first world) hard life is and how stressed I am.

Now, I must admit that up to about June of this year, my life had been stressful, and if you’ve read this post you’ll know I’ve been managing some pretty major depression, but I never realised it was so evident on this blog.

So, taking a note from Little Mix (albeit with more wrinkles, and less vocal ability), I am making it my mission to make no more sad posts, to improve the tone and feeling of this blog, to make it a brighter, more beautiful place to visit.

Also, whilst I have your attention – would you rather see less recipes more real content, or less real content and more recipes?

Lots of love:-

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7 thoughts on “What the actual fuck, Bry Jaimea?

  1. Probably more real content, fewer recipes because I’m not really a recipe type of person? But ilu and your blog (it looks so pretty right now!) so I’ll be reading either way.

    Even if it’s “fucking depressing”. Because you write it so well, and I am 100% pro well-written outlet blogs.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

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  2. See, I’m a fab cook but a terrible photographer, and it’s so time consuming to take said terrible photographs.
    And thanks gorgeous! Such lovely comments from someone I admire so much x


  3. It’s looking lovely so excited to see the finished thing! I don’t think it matters personally that your tone was sad, because it’s real. I would take real heartfelt posts over glossing over everything any day. I think you should write about whatever you feel in the mood for. Recipes are always good but as is other content, so just flow with it 🙂

    https://amyevans.co.uk – Amy

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  4. Why thank you! I figured whilst I’m not writing or attempting to photograph food I may as well work on some behind-the-scenes kind of stuff.
    I definitely think that although I’ll post the odd recipe, it’ll no longer be a weekly thing like it used to be…
    Eh, a blog is an ever changing, ever evolving thing though isn’t it? I’m sure I’ll change my mind in twelve months anyway 😉


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