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June Update & Surviving Summer

June Update & Surviving Summer via @BryJaimea.png

Welcome to Summer!

What a shit month May was.

Although this week has seen some mild weather here in Scotland, last week was scorching hitting highs of 27C in Glasgow! In all honesty, I am hoping this was a freak occurrence and that we’re not in for a hot summer, cause I’m not here for that, y’all.

It’s been quite funny in the office with everyone noting just how bad I am at being an Aussie, given my inability to handle any temperatures over and above 23C, and the struggle starting at anything over 20C!

I am not kidding when I said I moved to Scotland for the weather 😉

June Update & Surviving Summer

Luckily, I have a Summer Survival guide in the works, which you can read more about at the end of this post.

Now, I know I was relatively quiet over the month of May, and that was a conscious choice as I simply had too much on to be able to focus on the blog overly much.

So, what kept me so busy in May that I was unable to keep SCC updated?


June Update & Surviving Summer

A Birthday in Paris

If you read this post, you’ll know I spent almost a week in Paris in early May. Paris is such a beautiful city, and I am already wanting to return to explore more! The Parisian lifestyle is exactly how we all envision, and their culture around food is right up my alley. Small glass of wine with lunch? Yes please!

Despite my newfound intolerance of wine, I did partake in the occasional glass whilst in Paris without too much ill-effect, which was nice and made the stay very relaxing indeed.


I fell sick during my time in Paris, and it took me almost two weeks to recover properly! It’s a bit hard to find the energy or inspiration to part-time blog for fun when you’re under the weather. Plus, once I had kicked my flu’s butt, Ben was diagnosed with Shingles! Thankfully, he’s 100% better.

However, as you all know, when you’re sick and after you’ve recovered it still takes about a week for your body to recover, and although my cold had cleared, it wasn’t until about a week later that the fatigue and aching truly cleared.


Any regular reader will know, the past two months have involved Ben and I preparing to consolidate, and over the Summer Bank Holiday weekend, Ben finally moved into my flat and we signed the new lease on Tuesday. Consolidating takes up a lot of time, and energy, and there’s still lots to do until we’re on easy street.

There’s a lot to reorganise around the flat to accommodate his belongings, and we’re planning to go through each room slowly to thoroughly clean, reorganise and redecorate so it has both our mark, and not just mine.

New Hair

On my side bar you’ll note I have Raven hair, however in this post you’ll notice it’s Copper! I actually went from raven to copper in May 2016, and after a year of red hair I decided to go back to Raven.

Well, I actually tried to go a lighter copper, but because I made this decision when I was sick, it meant I didn’t really have the concentration required to do this properly, and so the results weren’t what I wanted.

And what colour covers all colour sins? Raven! Thankfully, I had actually been considering going back to Raven as it takes much less maintenance than copper, or any shade of red!

June Update & Surviving Summer

Quiet May-Blog aside, this month I have a real treat in for you all, which I am calling Surviving Summer.

June is dedicated to Surviving Summer, which is going to be my guide to surviving the next few months, with recipes, hacks and wishlists to help us all keep cool, calm, and collected! I have a lot of fun things coming up in the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Surviving Summer Series via @BryJaimea

If you need a guide for all things summer, SCC is going to be your one stop blog, so if you have any requests for what you want to see here over the next month, any questions about how to survive summer, or want a delicious recipe, let me know in the comments!

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