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Warm Pulled Pork Slaw (with a Japanese Twist)

As part of my recent bid to improve my lifestyle, I’ve started making my lunches to take into work during the week. This means not only do I have more control over what is going into my body, but it’s also an excuse for me to cook even more food over the weekend! Hooray!

Also, who really wants to eat stodgy, carb heavy foods when the weather is as surprisingly beautiful as what we’ve been having here in Glasgow these past few weeks!

Don’t get me wrong: I love the rain. I love the cold dark winter months, rain hitting the window pane, and the starkness of naked branches swaying against the swirling miasma of storm clouds. However, clear skies and sunshine has its place, as do the longer days, and if the promise of summer can’t cheer you up, I’m not sure anything can.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, the inspiration behind this recipe was my love for my homemade slaw which I make whenever I can fathom as excuse to (much like my homemade sweet potato fries), and a recent (unposted) recipe for cheats teriyaki-pulled pork.

Although I do use wasabi paste in this recipe, don’t let that scare you – It’s used for the flavour rather than the heat, and the heat dissipates as it cooks, without losing the actual flavour of wasabi.

Now, as we all know though, the wasabi paste you buy here from the supermarket isn’t proper wasabi, but a mix of horseradish with a tiny little bit of wasabi (and lots of filler ingredients). If you’ve had real wasabi, you’ll know the difference between the two, with real wasabi being absolutely amazing (and hot!).

Warm Pulled Pork Slaw (With a Japanese Twist) - an easy recipe for a tasty summer salad via @BryJaimea (2)

Wasabi chat aside, it’s time to talk about preparing vegetables for salads, and although I have likely touched on this before, we’re touching on it again because how you prep your vegetables can either make or break your salad.

When using vegetables that contain a lot of liquids, such as cucumber or tomato, it’s essential to let them drain out prior to adding them to your salad – otherwise you end up with a soggy salad.

Who wants a soggy anything, let alone a salad.

After you cut your salad veg, toss through about 1/2-1 teaspoon of table salt, and then set in a sieve and allow to drain for at least an hour, stirring regularly. The salt helps draw out the excess liquid and enhances the flavour of the ingredients.

One last thing – as this is a slow cooker recipe, it’s ok to cook the pork from frozen.

Right: recipe time!

Warm Pulled Pork Slaw (With a Japanese Twist) - an easy recipe for a tasty summer salad via @BryJaimea

What Will I Need?

750g pork loin chops
1 cup chicken stock
1/4 cup soy sauce / tamari
1 tbsp wasabi paste
1 tbsp minced ginger
2 carrots, peeled
1 continental cucumber
1 small white cabbage
1 tsp table salt
1 tbsp Kewpie Mayonnaise

What Now?

  1. Mix together the wasabi, soy sauce, chicken stock and ginger and pour into slow cooker.
  2. Add pork, cover, and cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours.
  3. Remove lid, and use a fork to break down the pork chops and stir through any remaining liquid.
  4. Allow to cook uncovered an additional 30-60 minutes or until only a small amount of liquid remains.
  5. Grate your carrots and cucumber, and toss through 1tsp table salt.
  6. Set aside in a sieve, and allow to drain, occasionally stirring and pressing down with the back of a spoon to push out excess liquid.
  7. Shred cabbage and add to a large mixing bowl. Add cucumber and carrot and toss through.
  8. Add the shredded pork, and Kewpie and toss through cabbage mix.
  9. Serve warm.

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