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Farewell, beloved friend

Over the past few months I’ve noticed my body having a bad reaction to something… Now, I keep a careful eye on my diet because of my existing intolerances, but something new was causing a very painful, not-so-nice reaction.

So, doing what any person with a lot of food intolerances does:  I did an elimination diet.

I then did another, and another, and basically did three months of elimination diets noting my body’s reaction to one thing in particular.

I then tried once more because I didn’t want to believe what I had discovered during these elimination diets and sometimes I can be a teensy bit stubborn, and so endured the pain none the less that one last time.

Please note, despite the pain, I thoroughly enjoyed this elimination diet, because it involved wine.


That’s right – somehow, through some curse the universe has placed upon me, I have developed an intolerance to wine.

Now, this isn’t the intolerance you’re thinking of, where I simply can’t handle my booze anymore. Not at all – it’s an intolerance that is causing a negative effect on my body in the same way that caffeine, seeds and beans also affect my body.

Basically, if I have caffeine, certain seeds and beans, as well as other random vegetables or fruit, my uterus rage quits. Think the worse period you’ve ever had, plus ten. Yep, like that.

The underlying reason for this is why I’m also natally-challenged – my body doesn’t like estrogen, or anything that effects estrogen levels or mimics estrogen, like phytoestrogens.

Although I knew red wine effected estrogen levels (it contains phytoestrogens), I didn’t know that white wine did as well, never having a negative reaction to it before.  I have had plenty of experience drinking white wine over the years, so you know, you’d think I’d have noticed a crazy uterus by now caused by wine, right? Right.


Unfortunately, that’s not how our bodies work with them changing all the time due to a millions factors we can’t control including age, health, environment, etc, and it seems my body has simply decided that there is no “I” in “Wine” despite the fact you can’t have wine without I, so uh… wtf body?

It may not seem like this is a big deal to most people, to not be able to drink wine of all things, but have I ever told you how important wine is to my life? Cause it’s pretty damn important (and delicious).

Wine is involved whenever I am creating a new recipe, on a Sunday afternoon when Ben is watching the football at the pub and I’m planning our week ahead, when catching up with family and friends, and when I am relaxing on a Friday night after the work week has come to its conclusion.

Some of my favourite occasions have involved wine – and if I could remember them, I’d share them with you.

I have always wanted my own Cul-de-Sac Crew, Jellybean and all, but maybe a little less liver damage and plastic surgery.

Everyone knows that were I to ever pass away, they could easily conjure my spirit with a nice glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, some South Cape Brie, and a nice pair of heels.


Wine is my best friend.

Well… I guess wine was my best friend.

I guess that will have change now.

Good bye wine, I will miss you.

So… How does everyone take their Vodka?

xx bry jaimea short cute compact


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