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Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!

And if you don’t celebrate Easter, then Happy Chocolate Egg Day!

Because I can’t send you all chocolate right now, I’ve made these Easter Wreaths  just for you! There’s four to choose from, and if you like them you should join my newsletter – I send four free printables to my subscribers each week.

It’s been such an interesting week in a lot of ways, and thankfully all the changes that have been keeping me on my well-manicured toes over the past few months seem to all be settling down.

We’re back into our usual routine, which of course involves pub quiz which Ben and I won last night! Well, when I say we won, we tied for first and then lost the tie breaker… However, we are counting it as a win and now know that chickens can make 24 vocalisations (Ben on a whim guessed “5000” which was, uh, just slightly incorrect.)

Apart from almost winning pub quiz, here’s a few of the good things that happened this week, before we chat about our weekends ahead.

Happy Easter(2).png

Paris is Back On!

Turning down the contract in Edinburgh, and retracting our application for the rental property means that Ben and I will be going forward with our plans for Paris! Thankfully we hadn’t cancelled out flights, so all we need to do is book our accommodation, and I’ll be drinking champagne in Paris for my birthday!

Going to Paris for Spring of course means that I have to curate the appropriate wardrobe which means…

I bought some shoes!

If you follow the blog you’ll know how much I adore shoes, and a trip to Paris means I’ll require some comfortable weather appropriate shoes. I’ve picked up some mules as they’re everywhere this season, and these smaller heels are perfect for adventuring whilst we’re away.

The black suede mules from Dune were on sale for £30ish, the pink sequined pair are from H&M for £15ish, and the gingham mules were from New Look for £26ish.

I know, I know – a few too many pairs I must admit, but I need sensible summer shoes right? Right!

Self-Hosting finally!

I finally took the plunge and am going self-hosting over this weekend. This also includes a rebranding meaning a new name and new domain which I’ll unveil when it’s all ready. I’ll ensure that I have measures in place to redirect you over to the new domain when it’s ready, so you don’t miss anything. This is a big step forward for the blog and will improve maybe not the content, but the look and feel of the blog, making it even easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

If you want to keep up to date with the changes and when the new domain launches, why not sign up to my newsletter so you can be the first to know?

Now that my exciting, albeit short, week is over and it’s time to think about the weekend and a whopping four days off – Hooray! Ben and I have a lot planned for this weekend, both together and apart. On Friday I will be spending the day repairing and documenting how to repair pet-damaged walls (thanks Maia!), followed by a day of cooking on Saturday for a lunch Ben and I are hosting for his family on Sunday. Monday, Ben is off to the football, and I’m planning to sleep all day! And by “Sleep All Day” I mean “Work on the Blog” – There’s no rest for the wicked!

I’m really hoping to be able to post about how to fix scratches in walls caused by pets, as although it may appear a daunting task, it’s incredibly easy, and although you may have a scratching mat or post for your cat, that doesn’t stop them from attacking random lights on the walls like Maia does!

There’s also some cakes being made for Sunday which I am hoping to get some nice photos of, but given they’re being prepared at Ben’s flat, where I always struggle to take photos, we’ll have to see how we go.

There’s a massive lack of sweets on the blog, so I am hoping to fix this with some of my favourite recipes to make being made for Ben’s family, including Baci di Ricotta, Orange & Almond Cake and maybe Chocolate Brownies. I was also considering making my very special Salted Caramel Shortbread, but I may leave that for next time.

Happy Easter(1)

So, all in all I’ve had a great week and am looking forward to a fabulous weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?



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