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April Update & Newsletter

April Blog Update.png

April is upon us!

Where the hell did January, February and March go? Has any one else noticed that time seems to be travelling faster these days? No? Just me?

Anyway, as this year proceeds to, uh, march on I’ve already started planning content for the months ahead. Apart from my weekly recipes, there’s lots of DIY coming your way, and posts not only relating to my move, but how to organise the perfect, stressfree move!

Speaking of recipes, did I mention I recently won Recipe of the Week Thanks to Good Eats? What a boost for my ego!

Now, onto the site: I’ve changed up my menu system to you can now find recipes easier! There are now two “Recipes” sub-categories – one for main ingredient, the other for the meal type.

Meal type has sub categories such as “Main Meals” “Desserts & Drinks” “Soups & Salads” etc, and Main Ingredient has categories such as “Beef & Lamb”, “Chicken & Poultry”, etc.

April Updates & Newsletter(1).png

I realised that finding the recipes you want on this site isn’t the easiest, and I want this site to be easy to navigate, I want you to be able to find what you want within a few clicks, and at the moment that’s just not happening. However, onwards and upwards, and if you have any advice or feedback on this change please let me know. This site is just as much for you as it is for me.

Oh, and I’ve also added the search function to the side bar over there on the right hand side – again this is to make perusing the site much easier for you.

Regarding the recipes that are coming up this month, and in fact over the next few months, there’s going to be a seasonal shift from comfort food – such as Pasta and Pies – to Salads and lighter meals which are perfect for Spring and Summer. Think Pasta Salads, instead of Pasta Bake! There’s still one or two comfort food recipes coming up, because the weather here in Scotland has still been rather miserable, but to be honest, I much prefer salads to carbs, so I’m looking forward to the shift.

April Updates & Newsletter

As previously mentioned, there’ll also be some DIY, summer survival guides, adventures, and lots more content coming your way – I am dedicated to posting thrice a week, making sure you have the best reads coming your way.

On a different note, have you signed up to my newsletter? You may have noticed the new pop-up! If you sign up, you’ll receive a weekly email with a free printable, updates on what’s been happening on the blog, and you’ll also be the first to hear any news and updates! To subscribe, just click here.

Finally, if you have any recipe requests, if there’s anything you want to see on the blog, any topic you want me to write about, or any feedback in general – let me know in the comments. I love hearing from, and connecting, with my readers. The internet has created such wonderful interconnectivity throughout the world, that being able to connect with you really brightens my day x

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