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5 Simple Spring Salads

5 simple summer salads(1)

Happy Spring Equinox!

It would be remiss of me not to mention that it is actually snowing today in Glasgow. Spring has Sprung, huh?

It’s not quite summer yet, but despite the snow, the sun is already rising earlier, setting later, and weather forecasts are predicting double digits next week! This of course means it’s time to put away the comfort food (when it stops snowing, obviously), and start thinking about lighter meals that don’t require hot ovens on for all hours!

Although it may not get too hot here in Scotland, having grown up in Sydney it means I am very much of the mindset that roasts, pies and casseroles simply aren’t done during spring and summer. When it’s 40C outside and your aircon is trying it’s best but it’s still not dipping below 30C inside, having the oven or even hob on are not thoughts you want to entertain.

That’s why salads are perfect for this season – they’re quick and easy to prepare, and even if you have to use the oven – they won’t turn your home into a furnace.

So, in celebration of the equinox, and the astrological start of Spring, let’s revisit some of my favourite salad recipes, shall we? Click the title to be taken to the recipe!

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Salad

beetroot and feta salad

Inspired by adventures in London, this recipe is super quick, super tasty, and super healthy too!

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad with Japanese Wafu Dressing

smoked salmon wafu salad

Brisbane is great for Japanese food (better than Sydney) and this recipe is inspired by a salad I was addicted to when living in Brisbane!

Rustic Tomato Salad with Crunchy Croutons

rustic tomato salad

Everyone needs a tomato salad recipe in their collection, and this is mine.

Chinese Shredded Chicken Salad


This is almost a Chinese version of coleslaw, but with chicken!

Corn Salsa

corn salsa 1

Salsa’s are quick and easy and always take your tastebuds to taste town – this salsa is no different!

Those are my favourite salads for summer – what are yours?




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