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Why Spring is Overated

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Spring has sprung!

Of course, I am talking about meteorological Spring, rather than Astrological Spring which isn’t until the Equinox on 20 March (according to the MET Office), but six-one.

Although it is still quite cold here in Glasgow, with night time temperatures hovering around 1°C mark, it’s still time to say goodbye to the dreams of mittens and muffs, berets and snow days and time to start thinking about spring breaks, weekends away, florals and pastels.

However, Spring and Summer are not my favourite seasons – sure, between the trees renewed growth, flowers blossoming left, right and centre, and rainy days being not quite as often (this is Scotland after all), the warmer months may have a certain charm, however, no matter where you live Spring and Summer aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Lemme explain:

Did you know Scotland can get up to 18 hours sunlight on the Summer Solstice? Sure, that’s just over three months away, but after the Spring Equinox the days begin to grow longer, dusk is later, dawn is much earlier, and if you’re like me and like your sleep (preferably 10 hours, but 9 hours at a minimum), the window of actual proper night grows slimmer and slimmer throughout these months, meaning much less sleep, and much more grumpiness. And no, block out curtains or eye masks aren’t my idea of a solution as I find they interrupt my circadian rhythm far too much, and I get even grumpier than usual (just ask Ben and Maia, the ever-patient victims of my Grump).

Spring also brings Spring Fashion of which I have never managed to find a style that suits me. Maxi dresses are too long, skater dresses are too short, and everything makes me look like a less than appetizing marshmallow dressed up with a bow.

It’s all good and fine having a wardrobe full of cute, flirty, floral Spring dresses, but considering it’s rarely warm enough here to wear them it means they’re more often than not hidden beneath a denim jacket, or cardigan. Also, those strappy sandals you have been coveting all winter? Useless here in Scotland come Spring as it’s still raining. See? Spring fashion and I just don’t see … err.. eye to eye.

spring is overrated 2.png
This young lady doesn’t look too impressed by Spring either. Rock that ‘brella, boo! The sun is your enemy!

See, although I’m now in Scotland where Spring and Summer are quite mild, I was born and raised in Sydney to Spring/Summer and I are quite well acquainted, and all the rubbish things that come along with it too. In fact, the Australian Spring and Summer were major reasons why I moved to the UK in the first place – reverse seasonal affective disorder, anyone?

I could go on and on about why Spring sucks and is completely overrated, and actually, you know what? Let’s put this into list format to save ourselves all some time, so we can get back to Pinterest and continue our love affair with all things Autumn and Winter – Only 6 months to go!

Why Spring Sucks

  • Hayfever
  • Longer days = less sleep
  • Spring Fashion
  • Chafing
  • No/broken Air-conditioning
  • Cats and Dogs shedding their winter coat
  • Taps Aff
  • Wasps, Flies, Midges
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Neighbours who mow their lawn before 10am
  • “Summer Bodies”
  • Bikini’s
  • Swimwear in general
  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Weather in general
  • No cute accessories
  • Sweat
  • Other people’s sweat
  • Stale sweat
  • Sweaty hair
  • Leather seats
  • Bindies
  • Freckles and tan lines
  • No proper comfort food

Though, I must admit there is one good thing about Spring…

Winter fashion is on clearance sale!!

Ok, I think that just about does it why Spring (and by default, Summer) sucks. What do you dislike (or like) about the warmer months?

xx bry jaimea short cute compact

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