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WIR: There’s Always Some Good, Right?

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I haven’t written much lately, in fact, I can admit that besides a recipe or two, I have written nothing at all in the past week and a half.

See, a week an a half ago, after having an absolutely amazing week and weekend, I received a very big, very figurative slap in the face, essentially knocking me off my feet. This has lead to a lot of stress, worry, anxiety, more stress, and even more anxiety. It’s also lead to a few very difficult conversation being had, and decisions being made, not only for myself but also for Ben who has been my rock during the past week or so.

I think it can be far too easy to try to drown out the negatives in our lives by indulging ourselves, whether it’s shopping, food, or unhealthy behaviours. This slap in the face has really shaken me as it is one in a series of slaps that seem to be a constant in my life since moving to Glasgow, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to find motivation to keep on keeping on.

It’s very tempting to just throw it all in, rage quit, or make some other dramatic gesture. However, at the end of the day none of that will improve my situation – when you’re down, discouraged, and lacking motivation you need to find the purpose in your stride, and try to strut harder, and faster, looking into the distance with a determination that shows passerby’s that you know exactly where you are going, and you are going to look fabulous on your way there.

So, here I am!

I have made my decisions, plans are in place, and the slap in the face shook me, yes, but now I’m looking in a new direction I can see a new path worth venturing down. Now I just need patience, perseverance, and once one or two things fall into place, I’ll be strutting once more.

However, despite all the black clouds and thunderstorms surrounding me, let’s focus on the good things that have happened over the past few weeks:

flowers 2.jpeg

Pub Quiz 

Ben and I won our first Pub Quiz the other week! Well, it was my first pub quiz, but the first he’d won. We make a pretty good team, and our prize was a £50 bar tab which we shared with friends last night.

Of course, I am highly competitive and absolutely love to win, so having won my very first pub quiz, I have now set myself an impossibly high benchmark! We lost by 2 points last night (because of two very silly decisions when we were unsure of the answer), but hey, there’s always next week!


It’s been snowing! … A bit.

I absolutely adore the snow, and pretty much spend the day staring wistfully out the closest window, watching the fragile white specks of fluff dance upon the air currents as they descend.

I can’t magine we’re in for much more snow, which is unfortunate as I would love to get some better photos than those I managed last year, when my camera decided to focus on everything but the bits I was trying to get it to focus on. We’ve established my photography skills aren’t the best, haven’t we?


It’s obvious that despite the snow, spring is definitely on its way – my roses have started to sprout new growth, my venus fly trap (which I thought had departed us long ago, however couldn’t bare to be parted with) has sprung back to life, and daffodils are once more poking their brightly coloured heads above the ground, which is always the first sign of the change of seasons.

It’s still bitterly cold, dismal and grey, but seeing the new growth and spreading splashes of colour can’t help but brighten ones day, and have me thinking about all the new spring clothes I want to buy!

Loreena McKennit

On my way down Argyle Street the other week, I peered across the road (which is very unusual for me to do) and noticed a massive poster of one of my favourite musicians – Loreena McKennit. Was this an old poster? Was it new? One quick Google search later, and two tickets were purchased for her performance in Glasgow this coming march.

I am so excited. I first fell in love with her music when The Mummers Dance was released in 1997 and became a surprise hit. This was in the middle of the New Age trend that was gripping the 90’s at the time, so wasn’t really that much of a surprise. Either way, 14 year old me fell in love with her music, and I have been a huge fan ever since, and waiting for the day I could see her perform live – and that day is very soon!


I haven’t had a holiday since 2014 so I am long overdue a break! This year Ben and I have plans to visit Paris (for my birthday), Berlin (for his), and China (at the end of the year), with a few weekend escapes littered between. A couple of weeks ago our trips to Paris and Berlin were finally finalised, which as you can imagine is definitely something to look forward to this year.

As you can see, although the bad this week is outweighing the good, there is still a lot around me for which I am incredibly grateful for, and is lending me the stregnth I need right now to keep on keeping on.

So, how has your week been?

xx bry jaimea short cute compact

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