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WIR: The Little Things

This week hasn’t been very exciting or interesting – it’s been almost painfully average with few highs or lows (other than Maia trying to burn down my kitchen on Thursday night, of course).

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When you work all day, relax all evening, (try to) sleep all night, it can be hard to find the things in life that bring you a sense of joy or accomplishment. Life isn’t all about big, amazing moments that leave a positive stamp on your mind, but also about the little things that almost go unnoticed or unappreciated.

So this week is about finding the joy in the little things this week that brought me joy. It took me a while to compose this list, and there are only three points, but these are the things this week that left a smile on my face.


Self-Hosting and Blog Development

Short Cute Compact has been living on WordPress.com since its birth however, I recently made the decision to go self-hosted and migrate to using WordPress.org. This decision was made to ensure I had greater control over my content – how it looked and how it felt.

Although the migration hasn’t happened yet, I have purchased the server space needed and am slowly redesigning everything and deciding on exactly how I want my posts to be formatted, including fonts and images. I’ve also chosen a new colour scheme which isn’t too far from my current theme, but is more me.

Once it’s all ready to go – new theme, post layout etc, I’ll be “relaunching” with the new aesthetic.

Weight Loss

I have been trying very hard this week to budge the pudge, and despite a small setback on Tuesday night due to a satay chicken that was essentially just covered in peanut butter, I have started my weight loss journey! I have gained a whopping 18kg (40lb) since moving to Scotland, and I feel completely terrible about my body and my self-esteem is sitting somewhere out of sight, crying in the corner.

Thankfully, I know exactly what caused and lead to this excessive weight gain and so losing it is going to be a piece of rather healthy cake. This week I lost 4lbs which is a great achievement and is inspiring me to continue the hard work and lose the other 36lb as quickly (and healthily) as possible.

wir the little things 4.png

Fresh Manicure

You know what makes any girl feel great? A fresh manicure.

I get my nails done every two weeks (acrylic infills and gel colour) and the labour of choosing a new colour is both overwhelming but rewarding. This week I decided to go for black nails, with a glittery gold ring finger as a bit of a statement, and I am in absolute love.

The only downside of my manicure, is that my stiletto nails are so pointy they tore holes in my favourite leggings… But hey! At least my nails look fabulous!

Mini Homeware Shopping Spree

Ok, so I can’t really afford to splash out on myself at the moment, but heck it all!

I decided on a wee homewares shopping spree from George/Asda (who do amazing homewares) to buy some things I’ve been needing around the house. These included such things as a new mug (ok, I don’t really need any more mugs, but it was pretty!), some pasta bowls (I do need these… kinda… ok, not really), some new artificial flowers (for my desk! To live alongside my actual, living plants… ok, didn’t really need these either), and a palmistry hand (Yes, this is one I do actually need as I have been looking for one for ages!). So all in all, a very nice haul!

Buying new things for around the home always puts me in a better mood than buying shoes, which puts me into a very good mood indeed, so this is definitely a highlight and I am sure you’ll be seeing a few of these in photos in the new few weeks!


What are the positives that came out of your week?

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