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WIR: Focus on the Good, Forget the Bad

No matter how stormy life gets, the sun is always shining behind the clouds somewhere. This may be hard to remember at times, but I think in order to try to live a better, healthier and happier life, it’s time I start rememberin it.


It’s been a tough week this week, what with suffering from near constant headaches and a severe lack of sleep, not to mention forgetting a dinner invitation meaning I had to cancel a coffee date in town, and then buying my weekly railpass to the wrong station, meaning a 15 minute walk to work instead of a 15 second walk… Drama!

However, I’m not here to talk about how difficult or tiring this week has been, nor about the many silly mistakes I made, or not-so-silly things I forgot. All the bad? I’m dismissing it, forgetting it. This year is about being positive, being mindful, about happiness and health, and being the best version of me I can be.

So, as today is Saturday I am going to focus on the good that has happened this week, share the positive things that have happened, and the things I am thankful for.

It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the negative, and let it overwhelm us, causing stress, anxiety or depression, so I am hoping to make this a regular Saturday feature of the blog, sharing my week’s inspirations, blessings and positive outcomes.

Enough with the chat: here we go!

I Started My New Job

On Monday I started my new job out in Glasgow’s West End. It may be a bit outside of town, but the views from our floor are worth it! I can see out across the Clyde, out over Kelvin Grove, and out towards the languidly rolling hills that encircle Glasgow.

Everyone here is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and although that may sound cliché, I actually mean it. Also, the work doesn’t seem like it’s going to cause me as much stress as my previous contract, and in fact it seems like a role I’m really going to be able to dig my fingers into and enjoy, and that is definitely something to be grateful for.


My First Burns Supper

On Wednesday I was invited to my fist Burns Supper by Ben’s housemate. A Burns Supper is in celebration of the Scottish poet Robbie Burns and there are many grand affairs and traditions surrounding the evening and the meal. In fact, the celebrations for the night range from intimate dinners with friends to huge events!

Ours was of the small dinner with friends variety, and supper was simply neeps, tatties and Haggis (which is traditional), and whilst the boys enjoyed their beer (and some whiskey) us girls stuck to the bubbly! It was an absolutely wonderful evening spent amongst friends, and I was thrilled to be invited along.

Also, if you have never tried haggis – you must! I first tried it in Edinburgh a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Australia Day Celebrations

Burns Night is followed directly by Australia Day, albeit half way across the world. and although I am literally as far away from Sydney as I can be (whilst remaining on the same planet), Ben has organised an Australia Day party for me to be held tonight! We’re going to be doing an indoor sausage sizzle (Bunnings style!) whilst listening to some Aussie rock and drinking beer. Well, the boys will drink beer whilst us girls once again drink the bubbly!

It was incredibly thoughtful of Ben to not only suggest this but organise it for me. It may not be a very Aussie Australia Day, but the thought going behind it will make it that much more fun.

And speaking of incredibly thoughtful…

A Clean Flat

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday night I had a bit of a tear in my eye – my flat was clean. The cleanest I’d seen it in months: Dishes washed, floors hoovered, bed made, laundry folded. It’s hard to keep a flat clean when you’re stressed and sick! But Ben, knowing I had been sick, stressed, and had just started my new job, spent his day off tidying and cleaning my flat (taking breaks to play with Maia, obviously) as a surprise.

And it was a surprise!

A heart-warming surprise, that went to show that although he doesn’t live there, he still considers my flat his home. I think that’s enough to make any person happy!


So, those are my highlights of the week, the positive memories that will remind me of the sun still shining behind the clouds.

What are yours?

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