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Colouful Courts

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday was going to be named “Happy Mule Year”, however I absolutely struggled to find any of this season’s Mules that I liked, so I had to scrap the idea entirely. Now, I am not saying Mules are ugly shoes I general, but this seasons Mules are all being designed with chunky uppers, and flared heels, and that is just not a look that appeals to me.

colourful court shoes.png

I guess what they’re saying is right – we’re in for an ugly shoes season for SS17!

So instead, inspired by the new contract I start next week, I have decided to make this week’s wishlist about Court Shoes!

It’s far too easy to get into a shoe rut when working in an office, and although plain black court shoes have their place, I love adding some bright shoes to my day in order to perk not only me, but an all-black outfit up a little.

Most of my office shoes are quite colourful, and in every office I have worked in I have been known for my colourful, quirky, footwear, and in the past, I have definitely been guilty of storing a fair few pairs under my desk! Now, I don’t advise storing your shoes under your desk at work if you’re in an open plan office, but if you have space and they won’t be seen my the rest of the office, unless they have specific policy against it, I don’t particularly see anything wrong with it, as long as they don’t cause any form of risk or hazard.

Anyway, I love brightly coloured court shoes, and hopefully you too can get I on the love! Click on the shoes below for more information.



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