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A Soft Spot for Polka Dots

Welcome to this Wednesday’ Wishlist which of course involves shoes. This weeks’ wishlist is inspired by the recent purchase of the recent purchase of these Miss KG Florrie Heels which I have been coveting forever. Thanks to my favourite online shoe store, I was able to pick them up at £30 down from £80!

soft spot for polka dots.png

Ok, so the list is not only my newest pair of shoes, but my eternal, everlasting love of polka dots also inspired this wish list. I used to absolutely love the 50’s retro style, and I find polka dots and retro vibes go hand in hand.

Now, although I have the Miss KG Florrie heels, this weeks wish list is just that – a wish list! I could never hope to afford any of these heels on my budget, but that doesn’t mean I can’t covet them, right? I mean, we’re all trying to buy for a real lives, not our fantasy lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our imaginations!

See, when I first saw these heels I designed an entire bridal outfit around it because I loved them so much – this was at a time that I was incredibly single without a marriage prospect in sight mind you (that being said, it’s still not something that’s really in sight).

Imaginary and fantasy wardrobes aren’t something we should forget about – yes, it’s important to ensure the majority of our money gets spent on clothing we’ll actually wear, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself, and letting your wardrobe have that little bit of magic, and having that piece or two let you live out your fantasy.

After all, maybe that fantasy life will become your real life!

Click on the shoes below to visit the site, and don’t forget my Pinterest page!





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