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Rose Gold Heels

It’s sale season which means I have been endlessly pouring over my favourite websites looking for the prettiest, shiniest things that I absolutely must have. However, I am currently on a shopping/spending ban as my current contract is about to end which means no more “me” shopping until I secure my next role.


This has been one of my main stressors since moving to Scotland – securing a permanent job. In Sydney, Brisbane and London I never had this issue and found permanent work easily, but here in Scotland? Nope. I have had three contracts over the past twelve months, each of them meaning to go permanent, but each time something got in the way meaning I am still trying to find that permanent job, and a sense of stability in my life.

It’s hard to live a stress-free life and get into a proper routine when you never know if your contract will suddenly end, and you’ll be lining up for unemployment (which I can’t claim due to my Visa) the following week. Although I have never been unemployed in my life, and usually find work quickly and easily, the uncertainty and lack of stability I’ve had since moving here causes my usual anxiety to triple.

Although there is work here in Glasgow, the actual recruitment process is quite slow by comparison to Sydney and London where it seems to move at lightning speed. Again, this adds to the uncertainty and the anxiety because although you know that three companies currently have your CV, have provided positive feedback, and want to meet with you, it could be weeks before they actually do.

And to top that all off – the more you take on temporary or contract work, the worse your CV looks. Yes, it proves that I am adaptable, diverse, and determined to work rather than just sit around unemployed, but it also looks as though I job-hop which is definitely not the case!

However, anxiety aside, just because I can’t justify buying all the shoes I want doesn’t mean I can’t look at them, press that little heart button, and add them to my ever growing wishlist, and looking at all the shiny, pretty shoes defnitely helps to perk up my spirit! I love rose gold everything, and so rose gold heels are of course catching my eye this season, and so when I get that permanent job? Well, let’s just say there’ll be that extra sparkle in my step!

Although there may not be many soes shown here, keep track of my shoe obsession over on Pinterest!

Click the pics below to visit the sites!




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