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Let’s Talk Christmas

I am asked quite frequently, in fact pretty much every time I meet any one new which is every other day, why I gave up sunny Australia for dreary Scotland. I always laugh, and say “the weather” which is a true and factual reason for my relocation, but this is only part of the truth.

one month til christmas.png

One of the main reasons, if not the main reason is…

I love Christmas.

I don’t mean like or am excited by…

I freaking love Christmas.



In Australia it’s hard to believe in the whole Christmas spirit given it is 40C outside and you’re eating a salad and drinking beer: how can it feel Christmassy when all the cards have snow on them, and you can’t even stop an icecube from melting rapidly in a glass of water from the tap that was set to cold, but still came out boiling?

Australia just doesn’t do Christmas right.

So I moved to the UK.

So I could have a real Christmas every. single. year.

(Except last year when I was all alone and had tacos and tears).

Anyway, even when I was in Australia I’d organise my Christmas meal plans, make presents for my friends, wrap everything perfectly, have dinner parties, go to Carols by Candlelight, and watch Love Actually every. single. day.

And now I am here in Scotland, my love for the festive season has only become more impassioned. It’s only one month until Christmas and my Christmas jumpers are ready to go, I have finalised the meal plan for the day as well as the necessary Tesco shopping list with everything needed in the correct quantities listed, and for a bit of fun, the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh are on our to-do list for this weekend.

Ben and I have a lot of plans in the weeks leading up to Christmas, including the above-mentioned markets, dinners with friends, and even a visit to Santa’s grotto because why should kids be the only ones to have their photos taken with Santa? It’s been a fair few years since I have been anywhere near this excited for Christmas and all it entails

See, Christmas is a culmination of everything I love: food, friends, family, decorating, glittery things, and buying stuff for people. To me, it’s not about over indulgence, it’s not about receiving presents (I don’t really like receiving presents, to be fair), but it is about family, and friends, and celebrating the year that has passed with those you love.

And I guess, whether you’re in Australia or Scotland, that’s the most important thing.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Christmas

  1. That’s lovely, not only in Australia and Scotland, but all the rest of the world. Well I don’t really prepare much about Christmas or even nothing because my work do kick off 24th to 26th of December and also 31st to 2nd January

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