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Recipes To Look Forward To!

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I’m rarely too tired to cook, lately though I have been utterly exhausted due to working 50 hour weeks, working on the weekends, and putting up with a lot of things any professional should not have to deal with between the hours of 8-5pm.

By the time I have been getting home from work, or by the time I get my one day off over the weekend, the thought of cooking seems horrific which is absolutely horrid given I find cooking relaxing and enjoyable – I cook to relieve stress, to zone out, and to not have to think about the big bad world whilst sipping a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

The past 6 weeks cooking has seemed a chore and I am ashamed to admit I have ordered far too many takeaways. Ben has been incredibly supportive through this time and understanding about my lack of interest in cooking, and both of us have felt our belt buckles tighten.

This excessive workload is soon to cease though, which means I will be back in the kitchen doing what I do best and I already have a list of upcoming recipes that is as long as my rather short arm, which thinking about it doesn’t sound that long at all, but I assure you it is.

With winter quickly approaching, and a nasty winter at that here in Scotland, there’s no more salads or light foods to be found in my kitchen, but instead slow cooked savoury dishes that coat our souls with warmth to get us through these dark, dismal months.

Also, I love my Murphy Richards knife set: it’s sage green and I even have the matching utensils. Sage is one of my favourite colours to decorate with, and my whole kitchen is sage, cream, and pink which lends it a very 50’s retro vibe.

So, what exactly am I cooking over the next few weeks? Let’s find out below! And don’t worry, I’ll be updating with links once the recipe is up so bookmark this page!


Chicken, Leek & Ham Hock Pie

This recipe is influenced by an absolutely beautiful pie that Ben and I experienced whilst on the shores of Loch Lomond at The Oak Tree Inn. Although their pie didn’t have any ham, we both agreed that adding some would have taken the pie to the next level.

ETA: This ended up being a pasta bake, but can easily be turned into pie! Minus the pasta, and add a layer of puff pastry instead.

Slow Cooked Chinese Beef Brisket

Let’s be honest – Chinese food in the UK is not very nice. This means I tend to cook a lot of it at home, and I have made this recipe before but forgot to take a photo, which happens more often than I’d care to admit. This stew is rich and intense in flavour, and we usually serve it with sautéed greens (such as choi sum) and plain white rice.

My Very Special Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts seem to get a bad wrap, but whenever I serve my very special sprouts there’s never any leftovers because they’re that damned good. It all comes down to a very special ingredient, but let’s wait for the recipe before I share that!

Gluten Free Stuffing Loaf

Sometimes it’s easier to make a stuffing loaf than it is to stuff an actual chicken, and a stuffing loaf means lots of crispy edges to enjoy! This recipe is for a gluten free stuffing loaf, because those of us with an intolerance need stuffing too, you know! And the best thing about this recipe? It doesn’t taste gluten free – only delicious!

Steak & Ale Pie

Well, it’s not winter without a steak and ale pie now, is it?

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