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For Fox Sake!


This morning whilst hurrying off to my train, having just kissed both Ben and Maia goodbye for the day, I quickly peeked out the window of my top-floor flat to check on the weather, only to see a wee red fox sauntering across my neighbour’s lawn in the gentle post-dawn light. I stopped to watch the little guy’s adventure as he wandered through the lawn, confident in his solitude so early in the morning.

Foxes aren’t a common thing in Australia, and I was in London the first time I witnessed one: it was about 2am on a warm June night when I saw a fox hurriedly crossing the carpark of the apartment complex I was visiting. I was in Clapham, and I had had far too many cocktails, so I was understandably excited. Since then, I still get rather excited whenever I see one, and another other British wildlife I happen to come across, to be fair – I love foxes, dears and squirrels.

Seeing Mr. Fox this morning got me thinking about just how autumnal foxes and British wildlife seem, with everything about them suggesting comfort food, hot chocolate, and cuddles. That small red critter sauntering across the lawn got me looking forward even more than I already was to winter and all it brings, and for the briefest of moments (that lasted a train-journey into town) I even considered redecorating my living room, which I must admit, is in dire need of a facelift.. Maybe my wardrobe could have a facelift to include a Foxy jumper or two?

However, as my budget currently doesn’t allow for any new décor for my house (Ben and I are attending too many events in November from the Rugby to the Theatre), so instead I simply though I’d gather a few fox inspired bits and bobs to share here instead, as pictured above and linked below, because hey, surely someone out there is ready for a room makeover, right? Right?

Anyway, here’s my Foxy wishlist for Autumn and Winter!


Linea Foxes Measuring Cups – Tiny Fox Mug  – Fox Cushion – Yumi Fox Jumper – Scion Fox Towels – Kikkerland Hot/Cold Pack – Fergus Fox Socks – Foxy Door Stop – 3D Fox Mug – Society6 Fox Clock

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