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Nail’d It

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I currently have some gluten free dough to make naan bread rising in the kitchen (with the radiator on, because my kitchen is incredibly cold today despite its sunny aspect), my sheets are hanging out to dry. Ben will be over later tonight after work and I’m making us a delicious curry which I’ll be posting the recipe for tomorrow.

On a far more important note: my nails are looking incredible for the first time in months!

My natural nails are incredibly sharp to the point I wake up with bloody scratches where I have broken the skin from random midnight itches. They grow long and strong, they’re not brittle at all, however they just seem to be sharper than a kitchen knife! You can imagine the awkward situations this has gotten me into when someone has asked me to scratch an itch they can’t reach.
Because of my blade-like nails, I tend to wear acrylic nails so they’re far less vampiric in nature.


In Australia I was known for my bright red lips, bright red nails and perfectly coiffed raven locks (I had a bit of a makeover when I moved to the Scotland). Every second Friday I would spend my lunchbreak at my favourite nail salon, where I’d be fussed over for half an hour, whilst gossiping and drinking green tea. It was something I always looked forward to, a little bit of luxury for me every fortnight, and I loved the fact my nails always looked perfect.

However, since moving here I noticed a trend that was very different to Australia. Whereas in Australia most nail salons use electric files, most nail salons in Glasgow apply acrylic nails using manual nail files. As first I was delighted by the more personalised service, and the technicians explained how their methods were far better for the nails, more hygienic, etc, and so I made a habit of going to the manual-nail-technician salons.
However… My nails weren’t lasting as long, weren’t shaped nicely or consistently, and altogether I was incredibly unsatisfied with the result having to go home refile and reshape them to my preference, and to be frank, my cuticles were always in a lot worse shape than I had ever seen them, even after some DIY around the house.
Perhaps I was just going to the wrong nails salons? It was entirely possible, and so I tried salon after salon with similar results, and not one of them provided a manicure that was worth the bloated prices I was paying.
Now, I understand this is just my experience, and my girlfriends here in Glasgow teeter in either direction with their preference, but I don’t understand why the manual-file industry needs to be so vitriolic towards the electric-file industry. Although they both offer the same result, they offer very different services, one being faster and more efficient, the other being more personal.
Shouldn’t they be focussing on what they have to offer, rather than trying to badmouth their competitors?
It just doesn’t make much sense to me, and it always leaves a horrid taste in my mouth when I listen to them speaking negatively of their competitors. It just seemed unnecessarily bitter and completely unprofessional.
Needless to say my nails were done by an electric-file today and they look fabulous.

On a completely different note, but using the same stationery:
I understand, if you don’t wear acrylics, the appeal that shellac and gel nail polishes have in that they last forever. Acrylics though, that’s an extra £5 you don’t have to spend as for some reason normal polish, whether from New Look or OPI, lasts an incredibly long time, usually about two weeks before you need a touch up.
Shellac and Gel also needs a lot of time to remove, and so you pretty much are stuck with the same colour until your next fill-in, and I like to change my colour a lot. Sure, I am usually a matte beige kinda gal (I’m so vanilla), but sometimes I feel a little bit edgy and end up with black matte, or maybe even grey if I’m feeling adventurous! So having my nails painted at the salon using a normal polish means I can change my colour as often as I change my mind over which diet I am on.
Speaking of nail polish, I have found that the polish from New Look (only £3) is damn fantastic, and better than polishes from Rimmel, Maybelline, etc. Definitely worth your time and money investigating and they have a pretty good range of colours also, from basics to more seasonal colours.

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